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AP ENGLISH -4th hour…What is your “green light?” (Blog Assign #1)

Please read The New York Times article (dated 2008) entitled “Gatsby’s Green Light Beckons a New Set of Strivers” and “The Happiest Place on Earth” (see below.)  After you have read the articles, please first respond to the following prompt in a well-written, thoughtful, and blog-worthy (or bloggable, which is, indeed, a word) response of 150-200 words:  Then, respond to someone else’s blog response in three to four sentences.

Prompt:  What is YOUR green light?  What is YOUR “American Dream?”

(Links to two articles about money and happiness.)

The Happiest Place on Earth” – includes the “60 Minutes” video clip

“Gatsby’s Green Light Beckons a New Set of Strivers”

Point value – 25 for 150-200 word response/ 10 points for response to another’s answer