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In 1984, Winston fears getting caught with his journal…a crime that is punishable by death and being vaporized.  What is your biggest fear?  Obviously, it might not be as dramatic as Winston’s situation, but we all fear something….pain, failure, betrayal, harm, abandonment, loneliness…the list is endless.

Please share what your biggest fear is in a well-written paragraph of approximately 100 words.  Identify specifically why you fear what you do and how it affects you.

Things to think about as you create your response:

Does this fear guide any part of you?  From where did this fear originate?  How do you handle this fear?  How does this fear drive your life?  Is anyone else aware of your fear?

After you have written your response and posted it, read and respond to someone else’s post. Remember:  The goal here is multi purposed:  1.  Relate your reading of 1984 to your own life – learn something about yourself that you might not have considered.  2.  Communicate effectively that lesson you’ve learned or realized to others.  This communication includes being effective and eloquent and artistically creative.  3.  Finally, this is a public post for a curricular assignment.  Any and all inappropriate posts or comments will result in no credit and further attention from me and Mr. Benjamin.  Part of English 4 is the adult aspect to which your writing must adhere.

Grading:  Your 100 word response is worth 15 points.  Your peer response is worth 5 points.  You will lose points for spelling, punctuation, and clarity just like you would on a written assignment for class.  Be sure to read what you write before you post.  You are welcome to type your response in Word in order to grammar and spell check it prior to posting, too.  Then, you can copy and paste it in the appropriate spot. The assignment(s) must be posted by the due date.

Due:  Paragraph Response:  Wednesday, Sept. 5, 2018, by 3:15

Peer Response (approximately 30+ words):  Friday, September 7, 2018 by                                                                                                                                                     3:15

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In 1984, Winston experiences a life-changing event that is created by the power of fear.  In the novel, Winston gives up something to avoid and free himself of the one thing he fears the most:  rats.  Think about it.  Fear can govern our lives.  You have read Chomsky’s article that acknowledges that one of the most overpowering emotions of Americans….is fear.

Think about your own experiences.  What fearful event have you endured that made you change a little bit of who you are…something that’s made you give up your “freedom” in some way….something that has restricted you in some small (or large) way.

The task:  First describe what fearful experience you have had.  Use active language and appropriate word choices to make your readers FEEL your experience.  Don’t tell us about it; SHOW US.  Explain what really changed you in some way.  The event doesn’t have to be life-threatening; it just has to be something that you “own.” The length should be a well-written, smoothly developed INVIGORATING paragraph that will MESMERIZE your audience (your class members and me).  Explain HOW the event changed you in some small way.   Like Winston, explain how you have sacrificed a little of yourself because of this event.

Then, read two other blog posts and respond to those two blog posts genuinely and thoughtfully.  Do you have similar experiences (Are you, too, afraid of RATS??!!)

Due date:  Friday, October 13, 2017 by 11:59pm.

Points 20 (10 for description, 5 for each response.)

Influential Person….

Who do you see as the most influential person in the world today?  Why?  How about in YOUR life?  Why?  What is it about influential people that makes them affect others the way they do?  Are these influential people positive or negative influences in your life?  In a well-written paragraph, respond to the prompt using standard business English.  Length should be about 100 words.  Be specific.  Write well!  AND THEN, respond in 2-3 sentences to someone else’s post response.

English 4-1984

Respond to the following question in two well-written paragraphs :

****Have you ever rebelled against something?  First, explain the situation.  Then, share your reasons for rebelling.  Were you justified in rebelling?  Were you successful?What did you learn from the experience?


THEN…respond to two of your classmates’ posts, providing genuine, thoughtful responses.

English 4, 1st and 5th hours…

On, complete the following blog assignment for this  Thursday, December 17, 2015:

Choose an article from or to read.  Summarize the article EFFECTIVELY in as few words as possible (don’t forget the title, appropriately  punctuated, and author).  The idea is to be CONCISE, FOCUSED, and CLEAR (CLARITY); in other words, choose your words purposefully and allow your STYLE to be ACTIVE and engaging.  Then, after summarizing the key points effectively, react/reflect/comment on the article and its message. Be sure to reflect on the article, not just the topic it reflects in general.  Choose your words appropriately and effectively.  Do not “blah-blah-blah” through your entry.  Make it interesting to read and effective in presentation.  Remember:  your reader(s) may or may not be familiar with the topic or the article, so give them what they need in order for them to understand your reflection.

  • Length of response (as a whole):  250 words
  • Length of comment(s) on two other responses:  minimum of 50 words each


  • Conciseness and efficacy of language (word choice/style/voice)
  • Conventions (grammar/punctuation/sentence structure)
  • Sincerity of the response – Content (thought-provoking or “plain and boring”)

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