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“Allegory of the Cave”

  1.  What is the main point of the reading?  What in the reading led you to believe this is the main point?
  2. How did the reading make you think about your own education?  With what did you agree?  Disagree?  Why?
  3. Which ideas in the reading stood out to you?  Why?

Respond thoughtfully to your reading/discussion/sketching of Plato’s famous work in about 200 words.  Then, respond to two other comments (approximately 50 words or so.)

Due Wednesday, November 15, 2017 at 10:50am

Points:  initial response – 25 points   Response to others’ points – 5 points each


Do men play a role in the decision making process of a pregnancy?

Please respond to the prompt in a fully developed paragraph that clearly defines the position you take on this very sensitive issue.  Then, please respond to two others in your class.

Due 11:00 Wed., Nov. 8, 2017

Hills Like White Elephants video

What Do Women Really Want?

Soooooo, you just read the prologue and the Wife of Bath’s tale.  Is she accurate in her discussion of what women really want?  What do YOU think women really want?  In fact, take this one step further?  What do MEN want?  What are the sexes really looking for in relationships?  (Length:  One fully developed, well – written, “sparkly” paragraph.  In addition, please respond to two other responses from your classmates.  🙂  Can’t wait to read these!!!  🙂

AP ENGLISH -4th hour…What is your “green light?” (Blog Assign #1)

Please read The New York Times article (dated 2008) entitled “Gatsby’s Green Light Beckons a New Set of Strivers” and “The Happiest Place on Earth” (see below.)  After you have read the articles, please first respond to the following prompt in a well-written, thoughtful, and blog-worthy (or bloggable, which is, indeed, a word) response of 150-200 words:  Then, respond to someone else’s blog response in three to four sentences.

Prompt:  What is YOUR green light?  What is YOUR “American Dream?”

(Links to two articles about money and happiness.)

The Happiest Place on Earth” – includes the “60 Minutes” video clip

“Gatsby’s Green Light Beckons a New Set of Strivers”

Point value – 25 for 150-200 word response/ 10 points for response to another’s answer


AP English – “The Drunkard”

This post is for students in Miss Watson’s AP English class, 2015. Length: approximately 125 words.

"All the World's a Stage..." (Shakespeare, As You Like It)

Choose a favorite quote from Frank O’Connor’s famous short story, “The Drunkard” and explain why it affects you as such. This quote should somehow exemplify the irony on which the story is heavily written. Be sure to elaborate and explain yourself so that others reading your response will have a strong appreciation of the use of irony in the selection. Don’t forget to establish who says the quote and provide the page number.

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AP English – Time to Interview!!


Blogging is such a powerful medium for self-expression and self-discovery: every day, I read dozens of posts that channel their authors’ personalities and voices, giving me a glimpse of each blogger’s viewpoint.

Every once in a while, though, it can be rewarding — and fun — to let someone else do the talking. And there’s something particularly exciting about being the one who asks the questions and leads the direction of the discussion.

For this week’s challenge, we invite you to conduct a Q & A with any person you know who might have something interesting to say (read: anyone). It can be a family member or a close friend, a cab driver or your favorite barista. Or it could just be the first person who agrees to answer your questions.

Speaking on record

Everyone has (at least) one good story; your goal for your interview is to find it and share it on your blog.

Note: Make sure to ask permission to share your interviewee’s answers — especially if you mention his or her name, or any other potentially identifying information.

Interviews don’t have to be formal, two-hour affairs; every time you engage in a conversation with another person you’re, in effect, interviewing them. Consequently, you can format your post in any number of ways:

  • The classic interview: offer your interviewer a set number of questions, then share their replies. (If you’re not sure what to ask, take some inspiration from the famous Proust Questionnaire.)
  • Conduct your Q & A as an informal dialogue and write it down from memory, or compose a story in which this conversation assumes a central role.
  • Omit your questions from the post entirely, presenting your readers with the uninterrupted flow of your interviewee’s words (the Humans of New York project has really perfected this form — take a look and see if you feel like giving it a try).

Don’t have anyone to interview? Think again! You could:

  • Check out other bloggers on our Community Pool and request an interview with one whose blog resonates with your interests. (Note: if you go this route, please contact the bloggers in question on their site, not on the Community Pool’s comments section. Thanks!)
  • Compose a fictional Q & A with any historical figure you wish, living or dead. Write a short story about interviewing the first alien making contact with humans. The possibilities are truly infinite.
  • Ask a complete, random stranger. You’d be surprised how far a big, friendly smile and the promise of attention might get you.

AP English – Please have your responses posted by 11:59pm on Wednesday, October 8th!  I am looking forward to your responses!!  🙂