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“Allegory of the Cave”

  1.  What is the main point of the reading?  What in the reading led you to believe this is the main point?
  2. How did the reading make you think about your own education?  With what did you agree?  Disagree?  Why?
  3. Which ideas in the reading stood out to you?  Why?

Respond thoughtfully to your reading/discussion/sketching of Plato’s famous work in about 200 words.  Then, respond to two other comments (approximately 50 words or so.)

Due Wednesday, November 15, 2017 at 10:50am

Points:  initial response – 25 points   Response to others’ points – 5 points each


Due date:  Friday, January 20, 2017       11:59pm

Credit:  25 pts.


First, in true (what really IS true, anyway?) existential form, define your existence by posting a question for your classmates to answer related to the reading/research about existentialism that you have conducted the last several days.  This is a question that your classmates can answer to show THEIR understanding of the term and to reflect their personal beliefs on the discussion topic.

Secondly, after all questions have been posted, choose TWO (2) to which to respond.  Respond completely, sincerely, and effectively.

Thirdly, as the writer of the question, react to those bloggers who have responded to your question.  Indicate whether the blogger has understood the concepts you are referencing and decide if the blogger’s answer is a valid one.

English 4 and AP English – (read only) The Devil is in the Details: On Descriptive Writing

Remember these hints when you are writing your personal statements!!

The Daily Post

We often hear that we should “show, not tell” — that we should paint a detailed picture for our reader that lets them see what’s happening, rather than simply narrating.

Easier said than done! All details are not created equal: some detail throws a barrier between the reader and your story, and some detail is (ironically) not detailed enough. How do you tell whether a detail helps or hurts? Here are four things to keep in mind when you’re writing descriptively, and some writers who illustrate them perfectly.

Good detail is relevant.

Including every detail is the written equivalent of your friend who can never get to the point of a story because he can’t remember if it happened on Tuesday or Wednesday, or if it was 1 PM or 2 PM, or if the car was red or blue. Good detail is relevant to the point of your post.

Writer beware! Not…

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English 4 – College Readiness

What is one area in which you feel you are “ready” to take on the challenges of college? This area may be academic, emotional, spiritual, financial, athletic…anything. Why do you feel this part of you is ready? Likewise, what is one area in which you feel you are not quite ready for college? Again, this can be academic, emotional, intellectual (classes)…anything that you feel you have not been quite prepared. Finally, in what skill do you wish your classes in high school had prepared you a little better?