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In 1984, Winston experiences a life-changing event that is created by the power of fear.  In the novel, Winston gives up something to avoid and free himself of the one thing he fears the most:  rats.  Think about it.  Fear can govern our lives.  You have read Chomsky’s article that acknowledges that one of the most overpowering emotions of Americans….is fear.

Think about your own experiences.  What fearful event have you endured that made you change a little bit of who you are…something that’s made you give up your “freedom” in some way….something that has restricted you in some small (or large) way.

The task:  First describe what fearful experience you have had.  Use active language and appropriate word choices to make your readers FEEL your experience.  Don’t tell us about it; SHOW US.  Explain what really changed you in some way.  The event doesn’t have to be life-threatening; it just has to be something that you “own.” The length should be a well-written, smoothly developed INVIGORATING paragraph that will MESMERIZE your audience (your class members and me).  Explain HOW the event changed you in some small way.   Like Winston, explain how you have sacrificed a little of yourself because of this event.

Then, read two other blog posts and respond to those two blog posts genuinely and thoughtfully.  Do you have similar experiences (Are you, too, afraid of RATS??!!)

Due date:  Friday, October 13, 2017 by 11:59pm.

Points 20 (10 for description, 5 for each response.)


Influential Person….

Who do you see as the most influential person in the world today?  Why?  How about in YOUR life?  Why?  What is it about influential people that makes them affect others the way they do?  Are these influential people positive or negative influences in your life?  In a well-written paragraph, respond to the prompt using standard business English.  Length should be about 100 words.  Be specific.  Write well!  AND THEN, respond in 2-3 sentences to someone else’s post response.

What Do Women Really Want?

Soooooo, you just read the prologue and the Wife of Bath’s tale.  Is she accurate in her discussion of what women really want?  What do YOU think women really want?  In fact, take this one step further?  What do MEN want?  What are the sexes really looking for in relationships?  (Length:  One fully developed, well – written, “sparkly” paragraph.  In addition, please respond to two other responses from your classmates.  🙂  Can’t wait to read these!!!  🙂

Due date:  Friday, January 20, 2017       11:59pm

Credit:  25 pts.


First, in true (what really IS true, anyway?) existential form, define your existence by posting a question for your classmates to answer related to the reading/research about existentialism that you have conducted the last several days.  This is a question that your classmates can answer to show THEIR understanding of the term and to reflect their personal beliefs on the discussion topic.

Secondly, after all questions have been posted, choose TWO (2) to which to respond.  Respond completely, sincerely, and effectively.

Thirdly, as the writer of the question, react to those bloggers who have responded to your question.  Indicate whether the blogger has understood the concepts you are referencing and decide if the blogger’s answer is a valid one.

AP ENGLISH -4th hour…What is your “green light?” (Blog Assign #1)

Please read The New York Times article (dated 2008) entitled “Gatsby’s Green Light Beckons a New Set of Strivers” and “The Happiest Place on Earth” (see below.)  After you have read the articles, please first respond to the following prompt in a well-written, thoughtful, and blog-worthy (or bloggable, which is, indeed, a word) response of 150-200 words:  Then, respond to someone else’s blog response in three to four sentences.

Prompt:  What is YOUR green light?  What is YOUR “American Dream?”

(Links to two articles about money and happiness.)

The Happiest Place on Earth” – includes the “60 Minutes” video clip

“Gatsby’s Green Light Beckons a New Set of Strivers”

Point value – 25 for 150-200 word response/ 10 points for response to another’s answer


English 2 – 2016-2017

In a well-written paragraph, share with your classmates in English 2 your thoughts about the novel, A Separate Peace.  Do not just answer the following questions, but use them as a means of having a conversation…a book talk….with your classmates.  Follow all the requirements of standard business English.  Proofread what you write, and know your audience.

***What is your favorite part of the novel so far?

***What part of the novel do you wish were written differently?

***What changes would you make to the plot?  to the characters?  to the setting?

***How do you think the novel will end?  (NOTE:  If you already KNOW how it ends, please have courtesy not to ruin it for anyone else.  🙂  )

***Why do you think _______________ happens the way it does?

***What would you ask the author if you had a chance?

Remember:  These are simply prompts to get you started in your paragraph.  Do not simply write the answers to the questions or your paragraph will sound like it was written from a less-than high school level.

Assignment due date:  Wednesday (11-23-16) at the beginning of second hour (In other words, this is due when you come to class)

Assignment value:  20 points