Veterans Day

After reading the article “Veteran’s Day:  We Support the Troops, But….”, respond to the Veterans Day post in 3-4 sentences HERE regarding your feelings about the message.

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26 thoughts on “Veterans Day

  1. Jared Dazey

    I now realize how people feel and react towards veterans day. This day means more to those veterans, this reminds them of their time in the service and the horrible memories that happened. I feel we should support and give these veterans more because they deserve it.

    1. carissacarpenter

      When reading this article, it really hit me in my gut. Sure I see veterans all over and tell them thankyou, but, I never really knew how harsh it was for them. Next time veterans day comes around I will for sure be thanking them for every little thing they do.

  2. tlapp11

    I am very grateful for our veterans. In the article it talked about the suicide of veterans which is very sad to me. They go out and fight and defend us and then when they get home we can’t help them. The article was good just wish it would not of jumped around so much.

  3. Garrett Borgwald

    I feel that this article represents how we act towards veterans very well. Veterans are not shown as much appreciation as they should. They made the choice to risk their lives everyday to protect Americans, and not everyone is as thankful as they should be.

  4. teilaaa

    While I was reading this article, I was confused on why football was being compared to the Military. I can not say I agree that football and the Military are a lot alike. It is a privilege to play football and people are not losing their lives everyday, due to their job. Going to war to fight for our freedom should not be compared to something so insignificant because any Veteran should get our utmost respect.

  5. Lillian Gossett

    The two poems written about the effects of war were very vivid, and though short, they still held a very moving emotion. I could never truly or fully understand how a veteran feels, but the writings were the best at getting me as close to understanding. I agree that people thank our veterans very absent-mindedly, like it’s a phrase they have rehearsed in their mind. When thanking your veterans, thank them genuinely and from the heart. Don’t just picture the phrase “thank you for you service” in your mind. Think about what they have gone through, and thank them with true emotions and sincere appreciation.

  6. Bekah Allsopp

    Every time I see a veteran i feel obligated to thank them for their service. I never really thought about how that man or woman could still be suffering from risking their life for me. This article really made me think and appreciate our veterans even more. I think this article really showed me how much veterans are under appreciated.

  7. michael holycross

    this article is little bit confusing in my option. At first the article was just talking about football and comparing it to war. this article did an ok job at explaining how veterans are affected by the war and the injury’s they reserve. but it jump around to much from football to them in war and it was just to confusing to understand. Does football help soldiers relieve the stress they receive during war?

  8. elisesetser

    I do not necessarily agree with the comparison of football to war but I can see why the writer compared the two based on the last paragraph. People need to take the time to learn about war and what troops go trough just like how they learn about football. They need to understand what they are thanking the troops for.

  9. Hope Dishman

    Veterans Day is a very special day for my family. We have many family and friends that serve for our country so we can lived our life in a free country. The article made a point that we do not support our troop. I do know there is a lot of people how do not support them because they are supposedly to busy or just do not care. I wish everyone would make time and support our troops.

  10. kirstianabarrett

    This article did an alright job at explaining how veterans are affected by by war and the condition of moral injury. I did not fully understand the connection the author was trying to make between football and war. Although, when focusing on the the parts of the article dedicated to just the veterans I felt it described exactly how normal citizens acknowledge their veterans.

  11. Jaren Brandon

    I feel as if there are better things than football to compare war with. Football is aggressive and shows love for the troops but it is nothing like war. People do need to realize the sacrifice and trials soldiers have to go through even after they return from war. If we showed love and support all year the same as we do on Veteran’s Day things could be better.

  12. jordan allen

    when i was reading this article i was confused on why they were trying to say that football was similar too the military. The veterans of the world today deserve more respect than they get. I think that everyone should take ten minutes out of their day to go and talk to a veteran, and ask about their story. Everyone should support our troops!

  13. kolindykes

    It was confusing when they started to compare football to the Military. Football is no where close to as tragic as the Military is. An veteran should not have to be disrespected, as they should be respected because they made it possible to where we stand today. Everyone should support and care about our troops.

  14. adamlawson213

    The article was a good read and very eye opening. The author of the article seemed very biased and had a clear opinion for the article. I don’t agree with the fact that football is as difficult as being a veteran at all. There is no comparison between the two.

  15. ashlynclem

    After reading this article I still believe that we should still celebrate Veterans Day. A veteran should not be compared to a football player. These veterans risked their lives so we could have the freedoms we have today. Veterans Day should be celebrated for the men and women who fought for our country.

  16. Grace Harris

    When reading this article, I realize how we treat our veterans now. They are not appreciated as much as they should be. The fact that there have been veterans who have committed suicide saddens me greatly. This shows all the moral injuries that went through to protect us. These veterans went through much pain and tragedy to fight for our country and we should be grateful.

  17. Jeffrey Kitchens

    I feel as though many people are taking this comparison out of context. It is obvious that war should be taken much more seriously than the game of football. However, just as proven in the article, there are many similarities between football and war. I do not think that it is disrespectful to make comparisons when it is understood that they are not equals and that the author is not trying to make them equals. I have personally read about veterans who make the same exact comparisons. As for the PTSD aspect of the article, i think this is such a courageous sacrifice to make. I salute all veterans for even taking the risk to be left in the mental state that some are. The level of seriousness of PTSD is shown in the first poem. Veterans will never be the same after going to the war, but it is commendable for them to risk their mental state and lives for their country.

  18. noahjordan28

    When a former NFL player turned Army Special Ops was killed in action, football truly represented the military. Not in ways of fighting with your brothers, but in ways that promoted the military. The NFL and military lost one of its own, so why not remember his legacy? The National Football League began to use its platform for a noble cause by supporting our troops. Fighter jet fly-overs, huge flags being draped across the field, and military appreciation was abundant at every football game. This was positive as awareness was finally brought to the “War on Terror” and PTSD. Every veteran deserves to be thanked in some way, and the NFL did and still succeeds in that by performing these acts.

  19. Clayton Turner

    The Article seemed as if it took a little bit to get the point across. People in general though don’t seem to realize, what the soldiers go through (PTSD). As well as how many end there lives for our country. The least someone can do is give the troops respect and say thank you.

  20. Danielle Duncan

    This article was very moving. It is hard to believe that so many veteran’s take their lives due to their experiences. I am so thankful for people who serve and have served our country, and i wish we could do more for them.

  21. Katie Flannery

    I was a little bit confused when the article was comparing football to the Military. I do not agree that they are the same thing, being in the Military is way worse and harder than playing football on a field. I feel that Veterans should be compared to something much bigger than football. All in all I’m very thankful for our Veterans who have served and are serving for our country.

  22. Antony Bru

    It appears obvious that a comparison between the war in all the form and the football makes no sense. The war represents the destruction, the humanity destroying herself, war is an experience that no mans who ever takes part of it will never forget.Even when they are done of fighting, some soldiers are victims of PTSD which means that they still being traumatized from the war. War is a question of life and death, they are fighting for something vital: SURVIVING. That is why we definitely can not compare war and football. Football is just a game, and even if it can creates rivalry or also some emotions, it will never has a gravity as a war because this is a game that players are participating to enjoy it and entertain peoples. That is why we definitely can not compare those two very different things.

  23. Colt Bennett

    I agree with him on the fact that the NFL is nothing like war because war has to do with death and you are constantly faced with life or death situations and the NFL is all played in fun and the players get paid millions of dollars the only things that they have to be cautious about is getting broken bones or concussions.

  24. kaitlinh77

    I do not think it is disrespectful to compare war to the game of football. The author is just trying to use it as a metaphor so people can understand better. Veterans should always be respected because of their attributes towards the country. They will never be the same after going to war, but they should still be rewarded.


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