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This post touches upon some of the connections in American society between football, military service, and violence. Special thanks to Vietnam-era veteran Arlin Buyert (USN) for permission to reprint his poems “Big Brother” and “‘Oh Say Can You See’.” God bless Mack Brown, the former head football coach at the University of Texas. His sixteen-year tenure exuded victories […]

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11 thoughts on “Veterans Day: We Support the Troops, But . . . — Just a Little Bit More – Book Blog

  1. Hailey Johnson

    I agree that war and football have a similar aspect of how two sides are against each other, but I believe comparing football to war is downplaying what our veterans go through. War is so much more severe. You do not see players coming home to their families in caskets after a game like you do during a war. Today`s society pays more attention to a game than what people are doing overseas to protect our freedom and that is wrong.

  2. Jill Isringhausen

    I believe the authors in this article seemed to resort to football as the only alternative to a career in the army. I do not accept comparing football to war and I do not think that should continued to be expressed. On the other hand, I understand the article’s point of view saying that American does not do enough to repay their veterans or help them with PTSD or other inflicted disease/ mental health problems. I agree with this completely. I do believe that America should take more steps in helping veterans but there is one problem; many veterans refuse help because they believe they are fine.

  3. twatson100 Post author

    My dad is a WWII veteran. At 93 years old, he can still tell me stories about the men with whom he served. His sister, my aunt, also served in WWII as a nurse. He tells me about chancing upon her while they were both serving in Japan as she was in the hospital there, sick. He bought her a bottle of perfume to take to her, but the next day (when he was going to deliver her the perfume), he found she had been shipped home to recover. He tells me about stealing watermelons while in training and about the one bar of soap for each of 3,000 troops on a ship at sea for three months. I do not believe he suffers “moral injury” because I do not believe he ever had to kill a man. However, if these memories are so embedded in his head from over seventy years ago, imagine the memories of someone who experienced the brutality of war. I personally like the article because it offers a fresh take on the recognition we give to Veterans Day (NO APOPSTROPHE!! 🙂 ). I often marvel at the fighter planes that fly over the U. of I. football games and remember my dad talking about the sky over Japan being completely black in the middle of a sunny day because of the bombers flying over. It’s too easy to take for granted the men and women who serve to allow me to post this response freely without fear of oppression. Thank you, Dad. Thank you, Veterans. (And, if you read my post, English 4 students, thank you, too.)

  4. josh stephens

    After reading this article i have learned that we do not give enough thanks to the men and women that have served. People don’t realize what a lot of these veterans had to go through during the war. We should do more for them on this day because they deserve it.

  5. Kailin

    It is sad to see the troops that have served for our country take their own lives. People should start being more thankful for our veterans. I say that because the NFL does not always see the greatness they do for our country. Our veterans fight for our freedom. So we can make our dreams come true and sleep every night comfortable. The veterans that are still alive and the ones that have fallen; all should not be forgotten. -Kailin

  6. alliahdawson

    In this article I was tremendously confused. I could sort of see the comparison between football and war. Only that they have two sides against each other, other than that I don’t think they compare that much. Saying football and war are alike is disgraceful, I believe so. War and our troops risk their lives everyday for each one of us Americans. Football does not. I support our troops and it is so heartbreaking to see ones who suffer from PTSD, suicidal thoughts, and depression. I am hoping one day we can give back to each veteran what they gave and risked for us.

  7. Tristan Dishman

    This article shows that the more we thank our veterans for serving, the more they feel guilty of being alive after watching many friends killed in front of them. Our veterans not only thanked but given the opportunity to tell their story, so that we can understand more of what they went through and what they witnessed on the battlefield. After all these years of walking up to a veteran and saying “thank you”, we need to stop and ask if they could tell their story to us so we can understand.

  8. Ella McConkey

    In the article, comparing football to war is something that should not ever be a comparison. For football, it is a sport that a lot of people love to watch and play all around the world. It is because it is fun fro them, they are not forced. To me, I think it is disrespectful to Veterans to compare these two. In war, people fight for our country, risking their lives. They do this to give us what we have today.

  9. Wyatt Edwards

    I do agree that football and war share some of the same aspects. However, to say that one can compensate for the other is absurd. Our veterans risk their lives everyday to give us the opportunity to watch and play a sport like football. That is not saying that there are no risks with playing football because we all know there are, but going to war on a battlefield and going to war on a football field are not the same thing. This being said, I believe we do not do a good job of showing our veterans just how thankful we are for everything they do for us.

  10. skylermitchell

    I do not see how one could compare war to a sport. War is something that takes lives and is absolutely awful for people to be in. Football is a game that people enjoy to play and watch. In football, the players biggest fear is losing the game. In war, people can lose their life.

  11. jacksontauer

    After reading the aritical i realized how important it is to thank our troops and be thank full that they are the ones that fight for our country. These guys are strong and have to go through a lot of things most people don’t go through. Veterans day is a wonderful day and should be celebrated every year.
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