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English 2 – 2016-2017

In a well-written paragraph, share with your classmates in English 2 your thoughts about the novel, A Separate Peace.  Do not just answer the following questions, but use them as a means of having a conversation…a book talk….with your classmates.  Follow all the requirements of standard business English.  Proofread what you write, and know your audience.

***What is your favorite part of the novel so far?

***What part of the novel do you wish were written differently?

***What changes would you make to the plot?  to the characters?  to the setting?

***How do you think the novel will end?  (NOTE:  If you already KNOW how it ends, please have courtesy not to ruin it for anyone else.  🙂  )

***Why do you think _______________ happens the way it does?

***What would you ask the author if you had a chance?

Remember:  These are simply prompts to get you started in your paragraph.  Do not simply write the answers to the questions or your paragraph will sound like it was written from a less-than high school level.

Assignment due date:  Wednesday (11-23-16) at the beginning of second hour (In other words, this is due when you come to class)

Assignment value:  20 points


This is a test…

What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?  In a well-written, detailed, INTERESTING, imagery-laden paragraph, explain to your readers why this food is sooooo awesome.  Then, read some of your fellow classmates’ postings and respond to at least 2 of their posts.  Due date:  Monday, November 21, 2016.