English 4, 1st and 5th hours…

On www.wordpress.com, complete the following blog assignment for this  Thursday, December 17, 2015:

Choose an article from www.newsela.com or www.theweek.com to read.  Summarize the article EFFECTIVELY in as few words as possible (don’t forget the title, appropriately  punctuated, and author).  The idea is to be CONCISE, FOCUSED, and CLEAR (CLARITY); in other words, choose your words purposefully and allow your STYLE to be ACTIVE and engaging.  Then, after summarizing the key points effectively, react/reflect/comment on the article and its message. Be sure to reflect on the article, not just the topic it reflects in general.  Choose your words appropriately and effectively.  Do not “blah-blah-blah” through your entry.  Make it interesting to read and effective in presentation.  Remember:  your reader(s) may or may not be familiar with the topic or the article, so give them what they need in order for them to understand your reflection.

  • Length of response (as a whole):  250 words
  • Length of comment(s) on two other responses:  minimum of 50 words each


  • Conciseness and efficacy of language (word choice/style/voice)
  • Conventions (grammar/punctuation/sentence structure)
  • Sincerity of the response – Content (thought-provoking or “plain and boring”)

newsela website – http://www.newsela.com

“The Week Magazine” – http://www.theweek.com




2 thoughts on “

  1. jeremyhaworth

    Very informative post, but I can see a spelling error, week vs weak. The transition between “a couple days before” and “It says” looks awkward and seem unconnected to each other.

  2. jeremyhaworth

    “She also likes certain parts of the bus such as the wheels” looks like a side detail and not a main idea. Interesting to know the ratio of autism diagnoses in boys and girls. I was also diagnosed with autism when I was young.


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