English 4 – What’s Going on in Your World?

There are a lot of events that happen in our world outside of our own daily experiences.  Sometimes, we think our community is the center of the university, and sometimes it truly is.  However, knowing what’s going on in our world makes us better human beings, better conversationalists, better thinkers, and better writers.  Here’s your task:  Choose a national or world event (read the newspaper, watch the news, check out news feeds online).  First, sum up the event in three to five well-written, thoughtful, unbiased, concise sentences so that your audience members will know what you are referencing.  Then, reflect on that event.  What is your opinion? How does it make you feel?  What lasting impact will this event have on us or on our world?  WHY IS IT NEWS-WORTHY?  Why is it worth conversation?  Remember:  Your goal in the first part of this is to summarize objectively a national event so that all MAIN points have been identified (so that someone unfamiliar with the topic would understand it.)  Then, your next objective is to share your views about the national event in a diplomatic, socially acceptable way that reflects how you feel without offending others or lowering the value of your comments by stooping to prejudice/bias, etc.  Your reflection should be about  300-400 words (This assignment description is about 250 words.)  Remember your audience, the occasion, and your purpose. (That is the rhetorical triangle.)  Please remember that you are not just writing for your teacher, but for your classmates to see…use proper, accurate word choices and language.


21 thoughts on “English 4 – What’s Going on in Your World?

  1. Kayla Teegarden

    My national world event would be “Grand jury clears NYC officer” by the Associated Press of the News-Gazette. A white New York City police officer who was released on Wednesday for the chokehold death of an unarmed black man that was stopped of selling cigarettes which putting someone in a chokehold is frowned upon by the New York City police. This case become more violent because of the police shooting in Ferguson, Missouri and the video did not help that was shot by a bystander and it looks like Pantelo is choking Garner but actually putting his arms around him because Garner is refusing the arrest. Another video was taken of when the emergency personal showed up and they did not do anything with him. The decision for this was by the Staten Island grand jury not to accuse Officer Daniel Pantaleo made the tensions of the citizens that should have calm down in the city back in July when Eric Garner died. Pantelo said that he became a police officer to help and protect people. Also, he said that this was not his plan to hurt anyone.
    My opinion of this event would be that people are still living the 1950s and 1960s. People need to move on from it. You learn from it. I feel that if it was a Caucasian police officer and a Caucasian man, it would have not caused such of a big ruckus. Also, with the Ferguson, Mo. police shooting added “more gasoline to the fire”. I feel like people should be educated about incidents like this. Also, that younger generations should be educated about because they could see the similarities of the 1950s and 1960s and now. This would be an example of prejudice and being racist. This is news-worthy because it being like the it shows that something like the Ferguson, Mo. shooting could happen anywhere. My views for the event would be that it should have been dealt with in a more calming way than what it was. I feel that when the article states that it was his poor health that was the cause of his death. I think people are saying to cover for the officer. I do not think that people should be mocking Garner when he was getting arrested while he was in the chokehold. I feel that this article is worth conversation because it is educating our citizens about what is going on in our world. I think that this article is a good example of what could happen anywhere in our country. Something like this could happen even in Illinois because of our state being so close to the state of Missouri. I think that this could happen more in the southern states than the more northern states. I feel that things like this should not happen. But, people are not going to see eye-to-eye, so we will continue to have problems like this in our world. We do not live in a perfect world.

  2. Katie Moews

    In our world today, there are various world events happening around us. The event “Chokehold protests turns violent” is one of the largest protests currently underway. The current rage comes from a Caucasian male taking down an African American male during what appeared to be a simple arrest for selling untaxed cigarettes. Police claim that the African American was resisting arrest. The only way to subdue him was to apply a chokehold and take him to the ground. It was at that point that things became deadly. The continued force on the suspect is what protestors believe caused his death.

    Let’s quickly take a look at all of the facts. The African American suspect has a history of acute and chronic bronchial asthma, obesity and hypertensive cardiovascular disease. He was attempting to sell untaxed cigarettes on the streets of New York. When confronted about this he resisted arrest and police feel he was a threat to them. An officer felt at that time they needed to act before they were in danger. An officer came up and placed a chokehold on the suspect taking him to the ground. While all of this is transpiring a friend of the suspect was there to catch all of this on camera. While protestors argue that what we see there was no reason for the chokehold.

    What was the atmosphere like at the time? While we see the video and are not able to understand how this could take place only those there at the time know what danger they felt. Let’s keep in mind his medical history as these were contributing factors. The police recognized that a large obese male takes more to subdue than the average person. Do police have time to review a suspects medical history? No, I would think not. Should the force have been as much as it was? Again, who are we to say when we weren’t there.

    The issue currently in our society is that people don’t feel equal. If this were a Caucasian man placing a chokehold on a Caucasian man would there be all these riots? Where is the trust and accountability that should exist between our communities and law enforcement? I think that is the question everyone would like answered.

  3. Shawnee Eisenberg

    In the article “Florida religious school teacher pleads guilty to sex with 14 year old student” by Rachelle Blidner, Eric Beasley, 25 was caught having sex with a student from his 9th grade biology class in the back of Beasley’s car. On December 1, 2014 Beasley pleaded guilty to having sex multiple time and “sexting” with one of his students. He decided to sign a plea deal that will lock him up for 20 years. After prison, Beasley could be put on “supervised release” and will be registered as a sex offender.
    I find this article absolutely nauseating. I am honestly glad that Beasley is going to jail. I believe teachers are supposed to be there to protect their students, not take advantage of them. The girl is fourteen, she is not old enough to make those kind of decisions for herself. I did not like the fact that Blinder tried to say that since it is a religious school that it is supposed to be a “better” school. How good the school is depends on the teachers, the students, and the school itself.
    This article is news-worthy because teachers having sexual relations with their students is becoming an epidemic. It is happening all over the world and it is absolutely awful. I don’t see how parents can feel safe sending their children to school knowing there are teachers who manipulate some students’ minds. Although, a person can never really know which teachers have secret intentions.
    I just cannot fathom what was going on in Beasley’s head that made him think that having intercourse with a student would be appropriate. For one, she is underage. Two, she is a student in the school of which he teaches. I sometimes find it hard to believe that there are people out there like Beasely, who can take advantage of children like that.We need to get teachers like him out of our schools!

  4. bryan sullivan

    There are many choices we as Americans have to make and the article “Should we go back to the moon?” on usnews.com touches on one many people may not think about. It has been 45 years since Neil Armstrong landed on the moon and many people think we should fund another mission to the moon. President Barack Obama cut funding to a NASA program that would have put humans back on the moon by 2020, stating bluntly “we’ve been there before.” However many people think there is much to be gained by going back to the moon, the earth’s closest celestial body. Regardless of the U.S.’s choice on the matter many private companies claim that if people want to go to the moon they will “fill the demand” and NASA has even considered teaming up with one of these companies.

    I have to agree with president Barack Obama on the topic. We have already been there and explored all we need to know about this orbiting rock. Space is much too vast to limit our exploration to one simple moon, we should be exploring other planets in search of knowledge we do not already have. I think we should be focusing on mars at the moment and move on to other planets afterwards, whenever that may be. Simple curiosity drives mankind to discover new things and it shouldn’t stop at the moon, going back to the moon would be extremely expensive when that money could be used to do something we haven’t done yet. A moon base is a good idea in case of a global-scale disaster that would otherwise destroy mankind, but the moon is also fairly close to earth. A mars base would be a much better idea for the simple reason that it does not depend on the earth. Mars is also much larger than our simple moon, if man hopes to establish a permanent presence on another planet shouldn’t we start on one that could possibly be our new planet, as apposed to our “new moon.” We are destroying this planet at an alarming rate and who knows when earth is going to be uninhabitable. This is why we need to make progress in the mission to mars now, as a sort of “back up plan” for the survival of the human race, and honestly who wouldn’t want to live on mars. Picture looking through space from mars, knowing your home planet is millions of miles away and that you, a human being, crossed all those millions of miles to get there.

  5. Mason Newell

    The article” Learning a second language: First-Rate Exercise for the Brain” by Ping Lee, is about how learning a second language can help one make more of a connection in the brains network. Li took 39 native English speakers and asked half of the participants to learn Chinese, and the other half to not participate in the learning of another language. Li and her team discovered that the people chosen to learn the Chinese vocabulary had more of a connected brain network than those who did not participate. Throughout the rest of the article, Li goes on about the advantages of learning another language and the impact it can have on the brain and its learning capabilities.

    This article has opened my eyes to see how beneficial it can be to learn another language. How learning another language can make connections in the brain that can help someone absorb a material one would usually have trouble with. How something as simple as this can aid human beings in its conquest to evolve and become more intelligent beings. If this article has any truth to it whatsoever, then I believe it should be mandatory to learn or at least take so many years of a foreign language if these are some of the benefits that can aid a fellow human being.

    Reading this article has really changed my thought process on how I see learning another language. It makes me regret only taking one year of Spanish and not taking up the opportunity to take it the year after. It also makes me think on how I could have benefited from something as simple as that. I could have scored better on some of the tests I had taken throughout my continuing years of High School. I might have been able to help a lost women wandering in town who might have only been able to speak Spanish. I might have been able to get strait A’s throughout the rest of High School. Maybe I could have figured out a way to write some of the papers in this English 4 class a bit better, by being more intelligent about my responses and details. This could have happened from something as simple as learning another language.

    According to the article, in as little as six weeks one can see changes within their thought process or how one would absorb material. If this can happen from learning one language in this small amount of time, imagine if someone were to learn two, maybe three different languages throughout a small or long period of time. What benefits could that hold within it? How I see it, limitless. Its another part of the long road to human evolution. A road that leads down to becoming the brightest and most intelligent beings humans could possibly be.

  6. Ben Sears

    In the article “Mary Landrieu Falls to Bill Cassidy in Louisiana Runoff”, from NBC News, describes the fate that incumbent U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu suffered as she attempted to hold onto the seat she has held since 1996. It depicts several reasons for her loss, such as that she was tied to President Obama in a state which he lost by 17% in 2012, and because she was Democrat in the solidly republican south. The article also states that she tried to overcome those hardships by calling for a vote on the Keystone XL Pipeline, which ended up failing by one vote, and that did not help her, infact it probably hurt her. Another contributing factor to Landrieu’s loss is that she only carried 18% of the white vote.

    Louisiana has a different way of holding their elections, they hold their primary elections on the day of the General Election and if no candidate receives 51% of the vote or more than the election will go to runoff on the first Saturday in December. On November 4th (Election Day) neither of the front runners in the Louisiana Senate race received 51, which was not surprising, Mary Landrieu (D-incumbent) had beat her opponent Bill Cassidy (R) by about 8,000 votes, but then Landrieu and Cassidy cotinued on to the December 6th Runoff Election and Cassidy entered that race as the favorite, but Landrieu held out every last hope that there would be an overwhelming number of African Americans voting to narrowly carry her to victory just as they did in 2008, but 2014 was not her year, in fact she got trounced in the runoff by 12% in a 56%-44% defeat.

    In my own opinion, I honestly had hoped that Landrieu could pull through, even though I figured the odds were stacked against her in such a strong republican state and because 2014 just was a bad year to be a democrat. When the current senate was sworn in in January 2013, it was a 55-45 majority for the democrats, when the new senate convenes in January 2015 it will be almost a complete 180, as it will be a 54-46 majority for the GOP. Although personally I am an independent and usually want the lesser of two evils to win, I did want Mary Landrieu to hang on, because my Aunt, who is an Assistant District Attorney in New Orleans has served on Landrieu’s two most recent campaigns for senate in 2008 and 2014. I think part if not all of the reason I am heartbroken by Senator Landrieu’s loss is because my Aunt has worked on the Landrieu campaign.

    I think this race will find its way into history because now in the southern states of West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Tennessee which have 126 combined congressional districts only 10%-15% are held by democrats, and of the 26 senate seats from those states only three (3!!!) are held by Democrats, it may be only a matter of time until the entire Southern Democratic population is wiped out. The southern democrats such as Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, and Al Gore used to control the national democratic party now the party is controlled by big city politicians such as Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel. The democratic party today is alot different today than the democratic party of the 1970’s and that is one of the main reasons why Mrs. Landrieu lost.

  7. Noah

    In the article “Wave of Protests After Grand Jury Doesn’t Indict Officer in Eric Garner Chokehold Case” by J. David Goodman and Al Baker, who work as writers for the New York Times, talks about the protests after the New York grand jury cleared officer Pantaleo. Eric Garner was killed by officer Pantaleo when Pantaleo put Garner on the ground in a chokehold. Garner had asthma and that short chokehold was enough to send him into seizers which eventually led to his death. Now since the officer was white and the person who got killed was black, there are huge riots in New York.

    What some people forget about is this is simply a police officer doing his job. This is what they are paid to do. Our tax dollars go to the state or cite and pay for policemen. He was trying to protect everyone in New York because a man was attempting to resist arrest and that is not allowed. They think because he was black it makes some kind of difference. NO, this should of never even been on the news. Police officers kill criminals everyday, sometimes they are being attacked. They have to use deadly force whether that person is white, black, pink, red, or polka dotted they are going to use deadly force. But, what bothers me the most here is this was an accident. The police officer was not intending to hurt the resistor in any way. The guy had asthma, impossible for the officer to know. And everyone is like ” but he was saying ‘I can’t breath'”, so what? I guarantee if any of us was put in a chokehold while being arrested, we would be yelling “I can’t breath”, we would do this because we can’t breath, but that is the point of a choke hold. It is designed to make it hard for the resistor to fight back so they can safely detain him and take him to custody. I am so tired of every time something bad happens to an African American, they just blame it on white people being racist. NO, if Eric Garner would of just listened to the policemen, none of this would of happened. This goes right back to the Ferguson Missouri case. If Michael Brown would have just listened to the police officer when he said to stop, Michael Brown would be alive today. No riots, no protests, and no property damages. This is about people who ignore policemen doing their jobs, not race at all.

  8. Becca Winkler

    My national world event is “Missing by found” by Catherine E. Shoichet. A missing thirteen year old boy escaped from a hidden compartment in a Georgia home. The hidden compartment where the boy was found was an area filled with wooden beams and insulation between the garage and attic of the home in Jonesboro, Georgia. The boy’s father, 37-year-old Gregory Jean, and stepmother, 42-year-old Samantha Joy Davis, were arrested and charged with false imprisonment, cruelty to children and obstruction. The three other teenage siblings who were living in the home were also arrested. After four long years the boy was finally reunited with his mother.

    As I was reading this article my stomach instantly became twisted in knots. I will never be able to comprehend how somebody could harm an innocent child. His father and step mother caused him to miss out on such a crucial time period in his childhood. While only allowing him outside to do yard work and occasionally play outside. He also shared a bedroom in the house but was only allowed to be considered part of the family when the others were home. Otherwise he had to be in the hiding room. How could somebody do this to their own child? As far as we know he was not physically harmed but he most definitely was emotionally harmed. I will never be able to fully digest how some people in the world can be so cruel.

    I think this article is news-worthy because harming children is becoming way too common in today’s society. According to National Abuse Statistics and facts the statistics show that over three million reports of child abuse were made in the United States just in 2014. It is hard to comprehend how big of a number that truly is but if you break that down those numbers would fill ten football stadiums. Unfortunately, if you break those numbers down even more that is a report made every ten seconds. I will never be able to wrap my head around how many children are truly being harmed. But how many cases go unreported? How many children wish for a better life? How many children end up just as another statistic? I’m sad to say we will never know all the answers, but it saddens me even more to know that we as humans will never be able to stop child abuse from happening outside of our homes.

  9. Lindsay Lappin

    In the article about the chokehold, white male officer, Pantaleo, stopped black man Eric Garner for apparently selling cigarettes. Pantaleo had warned Garner many times to put his hands behind his back but Garner refused leaving Pantaleo no choice but to do what he had to in order to get the job done. Therefore Pantaleo had out Garner in a chokehold. Garner had mentioned a few times that he could not breathe and that he had asthma. The asthma became bad enough to where he started to have a seizure. Unfortunately they couldn’t help Garner so he passed away. Well that started an even bigger war because again it was a white man that killed a black man just like the incident in Ferguson. Protesting of course happened there in California too.

    Officer Pantaleo was just doing his job. He didn’t know that Garner had a medical problem, I mean how can you really tell if someone has asthma? Yes Garner was saying he can’t breathe but that’s what every criminal says when they are forced to the ground to be arrested because they are refusing. I don’t see why everyone makes such a big deal about a white officer killing a black man, what about when a black officer shoots a white kid? I don’t see any riots and protesting about that when that happens! No officer means to kill anyone, they are just doing what they were taught to do. As far as the protesting goes, people are really only hurting themselves because they are not going to have anywhere to shop and prices are only going to get higher at the remaining businesses. The killings would have never happened if Michael Brown would not have resisted with the cop and tried reaching for his gun, and if Garner would have just done what Pantaleo asked him to do. All in all I say that if you don’t want hurt or killed by police then do what you are told and it won’t happen!

  10. Jakob Dazey

    In the article, “U.S.: Al Qaeda kills hostages during SEALs raid in Yemen,” two men, Luke Somers, a American photojournalist and South African, Pierre Korkie, a teacher, were being held hostage in an Al Qaeda compound in Yemen. Both of the men were supposed to be released before Christmas, until a group of Al Qaeda leaders posted a YouTube video, stating that the men were going to be killed in 72 hours, unless their requirements were met. After the video was posted Obama took a stand and sent a rescue team in for the two hostages. Al Qaeda found out that there was a rescue team that landed nearby, so they prepared to make a stand. When the SEAL team 6, about had the compound under control, a member of Al Qaeda went into the compound and shot Luke Somers and Pierre Korkie.

    While reading this article i was appalled that both of the men’s families would never see them again. I thought to myself, what if that was my dad? Then I thought how i would react. But then it came to me, they died for the United States. They were both honorable men, that didn’t deserve to die, but they did because of their fight against Al Qaeda.

  11. ClaireeeBelleee

    The latest and very controversial headlines that have been sweeping America have been the Ferguson Riots. What started out as a cop performing his job, and a delinquent running away has turned into one of the nation’s most popular stories. The sensitive topic of racial rights has been an issues for as long as time, and truly will never end.
    What started out as a young black man, stealing from a store, getting arrested then running from the officers, in an attempt to steal an officer’s gun, the young man was shot. The main reason this is such a huge issues; is because he was shot by a white officer. However, I do not see the issue in this. If it had been a white criminal and a white officer or a black criminal and a black officer, would it have been a nationwide issue? I do not think so. The community of Ferguson Missouri is obviously very strong to their beliefs and very close to one another. But causing such violet riots and mayhem around the nation is uncalled for. They are taking what was a simple act, and turning it into something much larger. They are saying it was because of the color of the young man’s skin that he was shot. But, in reality, there is not a doubt in my mind that the officer would have shot weather the criminal was male, female, black, white, Hispanic, or Asian.
    The reality of all of this is that what the news and the community of Ferguson has turned it into is unneeded. It is sad that in the 21st century we still struggle with racial issues. But, am I taking it too far to say that it is the African Americans that are keeping racial issues alive today? If they had not turned the officer’s job into a racial issues and deny that the young man ever did wrong, we would not have the problems today that we are dealing with.
    Following the news case of the Ferguson police officers court and his verdict of not convicting j=him with murder sent the town up in flames; literally. The entire town began rioting, beating police car, setting local businesses on fire, and even doing the unspeakable; burning an American Flag. All in all, the acts that happened in the town of Ferguson Missouri were uncalled for and damaging in ways that will never be un done.

  12. Alexis Hopkins

    As time continues to move forward, we are faced with new obstacles every day. Sometimes, it seems as if old obstacles never die down. In 1865, slavery was abolished. Today, some people in different countries and in the United States are still involved in a form of slavery known as “human trafficking”. In the article “Human Trafficking in Orange County: It’s right in our backyard”, the article explains a story about a girl named Oree that ran away from home when she was eleven, and was forced into the streets by a pimp to be raped and sexually abused over 50 times a week. The general topic of the article is about how common human trafficking is in not only in Orange County, but almost all other big cities in the US as well.

    When I read about these types of things that are going on in the world, I’m appalled. Human trafficking is immoral and people don’t seem to realize that it’s still happening, and there probably isn’t much we can do to stop it. How do we stop it?

    The feeling that these young girls must feel when they’re made to wear short skirts and shirts that don’t cover gives me the chills and I’ve never experienced anything like that in my life. Even though some men are trafficked, most of the victims are females and in the article it explains that the girls continue to get younger and younger. This article made me sick to my stomach. This is news-worthy because it shows that not only are women still objectified, but also that slavery is still out there after so many years passing of it being banned. Is anything sacred anymore?

  13. Katie Hickman

    In the article “Purple Heart medal likely for Ft. Hood victims. Right decision?” the Ft. Hood shooting by Nidal Malik Hasan, killing 13 people and wounding 32 , was not considered a terrorist attack. Which means that victims could not be awarded a purple heart. But there is a bill that could be passed allowing the victims to receive a purple heart. The Military’s reasoning for want to give the purple heart is this, “Being wounded or killed in any action against an enemy of the United States or as a result of an act of any such enemy or opposing armed forces.”
    I think that the men and women injured in this attack should be awarded the purple heart. They were involved in the act of terrorism and should be award for their injury’s. When some one is injured in an act of terrorism weather its foreign or domestic i believe that they should be acknowledged for their injures and their troubles they are going to have to go through for the rest of their life.

  14. Maddie Holst

    In the United States today there are many events going on that are not so important to some that are really important. The topics range from did Bill Cosby rape someone when he was younger to police officers attacking civilians. Many cops are being accused of violent arrests because of the Ferguson Missouri trial, when a cop didn’t get convicted when he shot and killed someone. Many reports have been made about police officers abusing their power and getting rough with people when unnecessary.

    I think this these types of articles are very hurtful. We are raised to know that when in need for help you call 911 and they will come “save the day”, but now it seems like officers have lost the meaning of their position and are not remembering the law they follow. Not all police officers are bad and commit these awful acts but the reports of the ones we hear about are now getting off with no punishments simply because they are law enforcement in other words they are “Getting Away with Murder”. I know we can’t argue who was right and who was wrong in these types of cases simply because I know for a fact I was not there when it happen and half of America wasn’t there, but when you have evidence of some sort and you don’t use it where is the ferity in that. Me and Many other Americans who feel this way could be wrong in where we stand just because we don’t really know, but just because one officer shot and killed someone and didn’t get any conviction doesn’t make it right for other officers to brutally hurt or kill their pursuit victims unless need be necessary.

  15. Mo Abbed

    A private jet crashed into a house in Maryland’s Montgomery County on Monday. Three people on the jet were killed. Three residents of the home were unaccounted for.
    This is a very sad subject to me. It’s upsetting because they say the safest travel is by aircraft and then it crashes into a house and kills the people in the plane and the people in the house were unaccounted for. I will still travel on a plane but sometimes it makes me wonder if it really is safer or what the piolet is doing before or during the fly.
    I don’t think this subject will have any impact on the country because it wasn’t a big tragedy. It’s not like a plane flew into towers like 9/11. It will be talked about for a week or so but after it’s forgot about it’ll be history.
    It’s news worthy and worth the conversation so people know what is going on and if people find out anything they can let the news know.

  16. Erin Morris

    In the article, “South African judge throws out charges in honeymoon murder trial”, Shrien and Anni Dewani took their honeymoon, in Cape Town, just two weeks after their marriage. While riding in a taxi, the newlyweds car was carjacked and Anni was murdered. The taxi-driver, Zola Tongo, confessed killing the recent bride was Shrien’s plan, and paid Tongo to make the carjacking look real. Tongo and the two other men involved in the killing were sentenced to years in prison, while Shrien Dewani pled non-guilty. In the article, it states that Dewani served time in the South African prison, where he suffered from post traumatic stress disorder and depression. He also tried committing suicide many times, and he was kept in the mental health institution in southwest England. Judge Jeanette Traverso hasa recently thrown the “weak” case out, because there was no need for a conviction.

    In this article I feel extremely angered. Why is there a reason three men that took place in the murdering of Shrien Dewani’s wife getting charged with years in prison, but he is running free. This man murdered his wife, but there is no use for a conviction? Men that sell drugs for a living are more likely to serve years in prison, that men who get their wife killed. It’s pathetic to see what our society has come to. The taxi driver was convicted with eighteen years in prison. EIGHTEEN YEARS, and all he was paid to do was basically keep his mouth shut. Yet, we have the mastermind behind all of it who isn’t charged with one thing but a couple of months in the South African prison. The judge, and other members of the court system shouldn’t have been so blind. There was obviously a crime committed by Shrien Dewani, and now, nothing will be done about it.

  17. Jade Sutton

    The article Eric Garner, Michael Brown Deaths Spark Protests in Berkeley, California, by Alexander Smith and Miranda Leitsinger is one of the biggest protests currently going on around the world. This protest was caused by two police incidents one involving Eric Garner and Michael Brown, who were killed by police officers who weren’t convicted of doing anything wrong. Now protesters are speaking up for the men who died and making themselves heard.
    The Eric Garner case is an unusual arrest story. I say this because Garner died after being put in a Chokehold by police officer Daniel Pantaleo. Garner said many times to the officer Pantaleo that “I cant breath”. The officer continued and finally arrested him. During this Garner passed because the officer Pantaleo failed to release Garner from the Chokehold which caused his death. I honestly do not understand how you put someone in a chokehold and kills them.
    The Michael Brown case is very similar because a officer shot an unnamed black man. I understand police officers have to inforce the law, but it never says that you have to kill. Both men had the right to prove their innocents, but now can’t because police officers are becoming careless. Now many protest this all over even college athletes are wearing shirts saying “I can’t breath”. We can see its not just race, one man of both race were killed. Using race as an excuse will not work anymore. I do agree that we are now no better than the Justice system because we are responding in violence. This world only gets better if we make it, but we shouldnt be afraid to be killed by a police officer.

  18. Madi Cash

    A young lady by the name of Malala, who stands at 17 years old, was trying to fight for girl’s right to education in Pakistan. The Taliban were trying to knock girls out of classrooms while Malala, at 15 years old, was trying to help them into classrooms. The Taliban did not appreciate this at all and went looking for her. They tracked down Malala’s bus and put several classmates at gunpoint until someone pointed her out to them. Once Malala was pointed out, they shot her in the head putting her in a medically induced coma so an air ambulance could take her to Britain for treatment. Malala is now winning a Nobel prize for what she accomplished. She has the outfit that she wore when she got shot standing up in a museum for showing. After being shot, she ignored the death threats from the Taliban. She recovered from the shooting in her head and continued her journey to help girls gain the right to an education.

    This article not only made me very angry, but it made me very sad. I am totally on Malala’s side in this situation. There is no reason that young ladies should not be able to have an education. It makes me think twice about how much I take school for granted. We could easily be those girls that are not allowed to have an education and grow up being stuck in the job we have at this very moment. By reading this article it has shown me that I need to take what is handed to me very carefully and use it to my full advantage because I never know when it could get taken away from me. I support Malala at all costs. No one should be tracked down and shot in the head just because she wants to receive an education like everyone should. What she is trying to do is more than most people can achieve. I think everyone in this world deserves an education. No one should get special treatment because we are all human. Do not take advantage of what is handed to you. Next time you decide to throw something away, think about all those others that don’t even get the chance to pick it up.

    Of course this situation is news worthy. Yes, this happened two years ago, but she came back and won a Nobel prize for doing a wonderful thing for those young ladies. Malala tried to do something wonderful, got shot, but still succeeded and she deserves the world for what she has done. Wanting something is one thing, but accomplishing something is another.

  19. Casey Robinson

    On August 9 Michael Brown was shot and killed by a police officer Darren Wilson. Many riots occurred because of this shooting. It was reported that Mr. Brown stole an item from a convenient mart and was found by officer Wilson. He was told to stop and move over to the sidewalk but instead Mr. Brown decided to attack officer Wilson. Which later led to his fatal death. Many people in Ferguson thought that this was a racial killing but it was proven by a grand jury that officer Wilson was not guilty.

    I feel like Mr. Brown was truly was in the wrong whether he was black or white. He was stealing from a mart which caused him to be pursued by the police. If he was not stealing in the first place he would not have been shot and killed. He not only stole but he tried to attack the police officer who was upholding the law. If Mr. Brown would have done what the police officer told him to do in the first place, he would have not have lost his life.


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