AP English – Magic and Absurdity…

Tiny Yellow Flowers

Any time we read a book, we’re transported. A good author will develop the characters in such a way that we identify with them automatically. We see their flaws in ourselves, as well as their happiness and desires. We follow them through their lives, the climax and the denouement of the tale, wishing the best for them, or the worst, depending on the type of book we’re reading.

When it comes to absurdity or surrealism in literature, there’s something extra. It’s like when someone adds nutmeg or chicory to brewed coffee — it tastes like coffee, it’s caffeinated like coffee, and yet there’s this subtle undertone that hits us as we take each sip. As with any other book, we’re transported by the storyline and the characters, but we’re also enraptured by the possibility of magic.

I often think of Gabriel García Marquez’ scene of thousands of yellow flowers falling to the ground in Love in the Time of Cholera. As the landscape is blanketed in these small flowers, we readers can picture the real version of such petals falling and more closely imagine ourselves in his magical scene. In fact, we may come to desire such splendor in our day-to-day lives and find ourselves fantasizing about flowers, and romance, and magic.

The Challenge

For your first post, answer one of the following prompts, remembering that the concepts of a sense of magic or absurdity are the primary focus of your response.  If you choose the fictional piece, don’t feel as though you have to write a novel…even a brief episode is fine!  Length should be long enough to engage your readers fully and SHOW the magic or absurdity that you are sharing!

◾Write a fictional piece that incorporates the everyday life we’re familiar with — work, family, errands — and add a surprise twist through an imaginary character, absurd turn of events, or Sci-Fi-esque setting.
◾We all know that sometimes life itself is a bit nonsensical. Tell us a story when you were going about your own business and something completely ridiculous or inexplicable happened. What did you do, and how did you react?
◾Tap into your inner child and conjure up some of the magic you experienced in your childhood. When I was a kid, I was convinced that I could fly and wouldn’t let anyone tell me otherwise. What improbably hopeful dreams did you have?

Your AP classmates and I are looking forward to your absurd tales!!



22 thoughts on “AP English – Magic and Absurdity…

  1. Trinity Dawson

    Many times, children can be playing around on the playground and trip on the blacktop, or fall off of the monkey bars and teachers look at them as common accidents. My trip to Garfield’s was quite the opposite. On my little sister’s 7th birthday, we were celebrating at Garfield’s with friends before going to see Kung Fu Panda for the first time at the Danville Mall. Little did I know, I wasn’t going to be able to enjoy the movie that day, or even dinner. Allie, her friends, and I took a trip to the restroom and as typical children, we made an adventure out of everything we did. While we were in the restroom, we all had a contest on who could hang on the bathroom door the longest. When that competition grew boring, we put a spin on it. We were determining who could stay on the door the longest with the most jerks, kicks, and pulls on the door. I step up to the plate and put my fingers on the top of the door and grip it as tight as I could. I was going to win this contest, or so I thought. One girl pulled the door and one girl pushed the door causing me to slam against the it and lose my grip. I heard a tear and a crack, then saw lots of blood. I looked into the mirror to see that my nose had been caught on the purse hook and was completely torn. Allie and her friends ran for the adults while I stood over the sink in complete disbelief. Shortly after the incident, my sister’s fun birthday party turned into a not-so-fun trip to the hospital and ten stitches for the icing. A normal day turned into a tragedy within a push and pull.

  2. Trinity Dawson

    Many times, children can be playing around on the playground and trip on the blacktop, or fall off of the monkey bars and teachers look at them as common accidents. My trip to Garfield’s was quite the opposite. On my little sister’s 7th birthday, we were celebrating at Garfield’s with friends before going to see Kung Fu Panda for the first time at the Danville Mall. Little did I know, I wasn’t going to be able to enjoy the movie that day, or even dinner. Allie, her friends, and I took a trip to the restroom and as typical children, we made an adventure out of everything we did. While we were in the restroom, we all had a contest on who could hang on the bathroom door the longest. When that competition grew boring, we put a spin on it. We were determining who could stay on the door the longest with the most jerks, kicks, and pulls on the door. I step up to the plate and put my fingers on the top of the door and grip it as tight as I could. I was going to win this contest, or so I thought. One girl pulled the door and one girl pushed the door causing me to slam against the it and lose my grip. I heard a tear and a crack, then saw lots of blood. I looked into the mirror to see that my nose had been caught on the purse hook and was completely torn. Allie and her friends ran for the adults while I stood over the sink in complete disbelief. Shortly after the incident, my sister’s fun birthday party turned into a not-so-fun trip to the hospital and ten stitches for the icing. A normal day turned into a tragedy within a push and pull.

  3. skylar nuetzamnn

    A child’s imagination is an incredible thing. They imagine doing things that us adults would think as impossible. As for me, when I was little boy, I grew up around Star Wars (Star Wars is underlined). I always wanted to be a Jedi knight and defeat the sith. I would travel into my imagination, and would take a toy lightsaber and would pretend to kill clones and the sith lord. I would roll around my house and outside and swing my toy all around. My dad would sometimes join my adventures and he would pretend to be the sith. He would always let me win, but it would always be an epic battle. I would also imagine that I was in a Jedi star fighter in space, while I was on a swing. I would imagine that I was destroying Droid fighters. Sometimes I would get shot and I would have to eject. To eject I would swing as high as could and then jump out of the swing and yell “Eject!” The magic in my imagination always took me on crazy adventures, to battles in my backyard to battles in space. As I grew up, I came to the sad realization that I could never be a Jedi. However, I could be one in my imagination.

    1. Jacob Cassity

      My strength and conditioning class began as it does every day. When eighth hour started I walked into the gym and made casual banter with the classmates I sit between during attendance. After Coach Max arrived and had taken attendance we changed in the locker-room and were ready to lift. When we entered the weight room we situated ourselves on the floor for eight minute abs. After eight grueling minutes of being encouraged to keep crunching by an overenthusiastic hunk of a man, I got up and sat next to some friends on the bench. We didn’t plan on lifting because we didn’t want to overexert ourselves before the soccer game after school. Since we were just talking we had the perfect view for what was going be the most random and funniest thing I had seen all day. As Coach Max patrolled the weight room, he saw a weight clamp, laying on the floor, that some lazy freshmen didn’t put away. In his fit of rage he kicked the clamp across the weight room. This incredible one in a million shot weaved through the weight room equipment and connected with the back of Dallas Messmore’s head. Dallas jumped from where we was sitting now in a fit of rage of his own. As the class erupted in laughter, Dallas turned to see who had hit him, only to find an embarrassed Coach Max. Once it was explained to Dallas he laughed it off and continued lifting. It was, without a doubt, the highlight of my day.

  4. Kaylee Rademacher

    Crazy, unexpected, things happen to us all the time. Without them, life would be rather boring. I have experienced a fair share of these ridiculous events myself. One of them stands out slightly more, being that it was more recent than the rest. I was hired to work at the Danville Tennis Center this past summer. In the beginning, I was extremely nervous because there was so much to learn. I trained for about two weeks, during which I worked along side a current employee, rather than by myself. I finally reached the point where I was comfortable working alone and knew enough to do so.
    It was only the second night that I had worked alone. It was somewhat of a busy night, which already had me on edge. There was a couple people playing on the courts whom had been playing tennis for most of their lives, so they were pretty skilled. Then, all of a sudden, a woman ran into the lobby area and yelled “Grab ice! Grab towels! Hurry!”. I immediately panicked because this took me way off guard and I still didn’t know what had happened. I was frantically searching for the ice; I tore apart the closet just trying to find the first aid kid which contained the ice packs. I finally found what I was looking for and rushed out to the court. I was shocked by what I saw; one of the girls playing had missed the ball and smacked herself in the face with her racquet. She had hit her nose hard enough that the bone was protruding from the skin. There was blood everywhere and I could only think to myself, “I’m going to have to clean this up”. The girl was taken to the hospital, and I was left there alone. There was blood spatter covering over a one hundred foot stretch; I felt completely helpless. I finally was able to grasp what had happened and got the cleaning supplies. It was past closing time when I finally got the mess cleaned up. So I drove home, still slightly in shock, and went straight to bed. After this experience, I had assumed that work was going to be that crazy all the time. I actually contemplated quitting, but my manager reassured me that those types of occurrences were rare. While these crazy and completely unexpected things do occur to keep life interesting, it’s good they don’t happen constantly, because then it turns it into something completely overwhelming.

  5. Emily Shepard

    The most ridiculous events in life are the events that happen abruptly and unexpectedly. I was about ten years old, and I was at my best friend’s house for her dad’s birthday party. My friend’s dog, Macy, was eating outside, along with everyone else. After I had gotten done eating, I went over to pet Macy, but I didn’t notice she had something in her mouth. I had also not known about how protective she was with her food. A few moments after I touched her, she showed me how protective she was. She turned around and bit at my mouth so fast, I didn’t even notice that it happened.
    I stood up and covered my mouth and hadn’t realized that there was anything wrong until my dad asked me if I was okay. I was in complete shock.
    “Honey, there’s blood dripping down your face!” my dad said.
    Once I realized this, I started to cry, even though I still couldn’t feel a thing. My mom rushed outside and walked me to the door, already prepared to drive me to the hospital. My mom’s friend got into her car and told me to get in. It was all happening so quickly that the only thing I could think of was how I was so confused. I just listened to my mom and her friend so I could get to the hospital. It was not until I got to the hospital that I realized exactly what happened. The dog bit a third of my lip off, which left a hole in my face.
    When I saw myself in the mirror, I started to cry. Not because of the pain, although it was bad, but because a part of my face was gone. The doctors in the emergency room took two hours to get me in to see somebody. This means, for two whole hours, I was sitting in the waiting room, not knowing what was going to happen. Once I finally got looked at by a doctor, he gave me a pain pill and we were informed I would have to go to Champaign. My mom and her friend were furious, but then sped me to Champaign.
    It was completely different when I got to the hospital in Champaign. Right when we walked into the door, someone was waiting for me. They got me into a room, gave me an IV, and then told me in less than an hour I would be taken into surgery. After the surgery, I had to stay in the hospital for four days.
    The actual event itself did not affect me as much as dealing with my injury afterward. For days, I could not open my mouth completely and I had to be extremely careful. When I finally went back to school, I got called ‘scar face’ by several people.
    This injury happened during a normal day where I was just doing normal things. One can never really predict when something ridiculous could occur. In my case, I got hurt by simply petting a dog that would’ve been fine with me petting it any other day.

  6. Emily R

    When I was a kid, I was intrigued with the idea of personification – giving nonhuman things human qualities. I was really into imaginary beings with magical powers. Peter Pan has always been one of my favorite movies, and for a while I really liked Tinkerbell. After a while I decided that I just really liked the idea of a fairy. A tiny magical creature that could possibly be living in the woods next to my house sounded pretty exciting to me. Since I was a kid and I liked fairies so much, I really thought they were real. I would make my family take me to the bookstore in the mall so I could get all of the books on fairies that they had. I surprisingly found quite a few. I wanted to know everything about them so I would have a better chance of actually seeing them and maybe even spending time with them. I even made a little house for them in my garden right next to the woods, hoping they would take a liking to it and move in. I eventually realized that I was being nonsensical after I did not see any fairies, but the idea still lives on in my little sister. She has taken over the fairy watching for now.

    1. Jarod

      Christmas. It is a time of family feasts, decorated trees, and best of all, presents. Once every year, sleepless, anxious nights turn to exciting fun-filled mornings of gifts and laughter. My two brothers and I awaited eagerly at the bottom of the staircase to my parents’ room and the long awaited presents. Soon enough, my sleepy, grumpy parents, woken up much too soon, roll out of bed and escort us to our long awaited treasures. My brothers and I received several gifts each year, however, we already knew what at least one of them would be as we received this same gift every year. This gift was always my favorite above all. We bolt up the stairs, my two brothers stopping at the tree, while I speed past them to the stockings. It is finally time, the time I have been waiting the past 364 days for. I unhook my stocking from atop the fireplace, eyes wide with excitement, and I lay the treasure sack down on the table. No child was as happy as I, as I drew out my most prized possession–a long, cylindrical, roll of, none other than, aluminum foil. Why this aluminum foil was far more than a food covering or a device for holding heat; it was the source from which I would make the swords and armor I would uses to fight epic battles against my brothers. For weeks, my mother and father would be picking up broken armor and shattered swords, but it was all surely worth the trouble to see such joy on three, such brave, valiant, armored, little gladiators. The recounting of these memories nearly brings tears to my eyes as I have long since outgrown my armor, however, I take solace in the fact that the adventurous foil-clad fighter is still very much alive inside me today.

      1. twatson100 Post author

        I loved this response, Jarod! I do believe that “foil-clad fighter” is alive and patiently awaiting to battle that book analysis!!!! 🙂

  7. Justin Silver

    Some of my most ridiculous stories come from my job at the Big R in Danville. Many times I come home with some sort of a story to tell about what happened that day at work. As a matter of fact, my younger sister usually asks me, “Do you have any funny stories today?” Usually the answer is “yes”. However, some stories end up being more exciting than others. One of my favorite stories, and by far the scariest, was the time I nearly got crushed. I was going around doing my everyday “Big R tasks”. We were unloading a mixed pallet and this particular pallet had a lot of products from the farm aisle on it. So I did the usual thing and brought all the farm products to that aisle and began putting them on the shelf. After finishing one box, I moved over to start the next one and then suddenly – “BAM!” Right next to me a welder appeared to have fallen out of nowhere on the exact spot I had just been standing! My initial reaction was complete shock and utter bewilderment. I felt my heart jump into my throat when it happened. For a moment I just stood there, looking around, without a clue as to what just happened. I kept staring down at the welder and then up at the ceiling trying to make sense of it. No reasonable explanation presented itself to my startled mind. As it turned out, the welding aisle is right next to the farm aisle. Someone had put a welder up on the very top of the shelves. It was large enough that it hung over the edge into the next aisle just a little. Apparently, two customers on the other side were trying to get it down without asking for help. That was when they accidentally pushed it over into the aisle where I was innocently working and scared me to death! However, it took me several minutes to put all that together due to my state of extreme shock.

  8. Brittany Taylor

    Having an imagination as a child could either get you into some trouble or even make you the happiest kid on earth. My imagination was somewhat different from many of my friends. Many of my peers wanted to watch the fairytales when two people fall in love and live happily ever after, but as of me on the other hand, I wanted to watch the scary, blood gushing, and mystery types of movies. After watching these types of shows I also imagined myself to be the investigator and trying to find out how and why what happened. Living in a small community meant a lot of walking around and little places to discover. I also had woods behind my house which meant investigation time. I always thought this would be so exciting as I walked out of my house with my clip board and paper marking down clues. While looking in the many places I could, I even sometimes made up things that were not even there. Also, I would relate the scary movies I watched to my crime scenes. I was never the person who wanted the enchanting things to experience in my imagination. I was the one to go out on my own without anyone and explore in different ways. This isn’t an ordinary type of imagination for such a young child to have but this is why my imagination was unique than any other.

  9. Jessica H

    When you’re younger your imagination can come up with some crazy things, turning fantasy into reality. However, we are all victims of this illusion I know I was. When I was younger I used to think that fortune cookies would change fortunes as it was switched from hand to hand until the cookie was broken open. I would try to be sneaky about looking at different fortunes. I would peer into the hole to see if it would change. To me that could be some of the most scariest magic that was going on, like it had the power to predict the future. So of course when went out to eat at a place that had fortune cookies I always got excited when I could see my fortune. I would tell my family that they couldn’t switch fortunes because it wouldn’t be their true fortune. I soon realized that this couldn’t possibly happen because it was just a piece of paper.

  10. Fallon Kitchens

    Growing up being surrounded by cornfields, I was forced to be creative if I wanted to be entertained. My family owns some property on the Illinois and Indiana state line, and in my mind it is still the most magical place on earth. Driving up to the property, you can see an old willow tree. Behind it is a pond that holds countless fish and even more memories. Even father, there is a cabin hidden and the only way to reach it is by walking through a tunnel of trees. Inside that cabin there was once a stove that was left behind by the lady that once lived there. The stove had been untouched for a very long time, and from the outside it seemed that there was nothing special about it. Still, I was a curious child and I refused to dismiss the old stove as ordinary until further inspection. I waited until I was alone in the cabin, and when everyone else finally left I crept over to the old stove and peeked inside. I was ecstatic when I discovered a tiny mouse inside. I instantly fell in love with him and named him Cheese. Each time we visited our property I would peek inside the stove and talk to Cheese, who was quickly becoming my best friend. To me, he was not an everyday mouse. I honestly believed that he could talk, and that he would only ever talk to me. This explained why when I showed him to my younger brother Izaack he was “quiet as a mouse”. I dismissed it and continued to speak with Cheese every chance that I got. Finally, Izaack told my parents about the mouse, and they got rid of the stove. I was devastated, but the dream that animals can talk still lives on in my inner child.

  11. Caleb Towe

    On the day of the 25 of October, something happened in my regular, unimportant life. Beep beep beep as my alarm clock went off to get up for school. I sluggishly drug myself to the bathroom to take a nice hot shower. As I was drying off thoughts popped in my mind saying, “did I finish the calculus homework,” and,”shoot, I didn’t study for the history test today!” To me, it was just the beginning of any normal day. As I got school and arrived in my first hour class my teacher walked in and yelled “calculus,” like he did every day. As the hours of the day ticked by I began to feel as if some was not right. I was either anxious something terrible was going to happen or it was just some gas, I didn’t know at the time. So as I went from class to class, history to anatomy, my completely normal life was going as it should, until then. It was during anatomy class when over the intercom a voice said, ” Attention staff and students we are now under a severe lockdown. Please take shelter.” All of a suddenly panic was released throughout the class. Our teacher yelled to get us to quiet down and he told us to move towards the back of the class. We all scurried towards the back and we also began to stack the desks for shelter. As we sat motionless, shoulder to shoulder, a faint bang sounded throughout the school. Then another but slightly louder, then again and again, each one progressively getting louder. Then silence fell. We all could hear each other’s breath. We could hear the tick of the clock,”tick, tick, tick.” Then BANG as the door slammed open. We sat as quiet as could be. We all had the look of fear on or face and we all knew that he was in our room. Then…”BANG.” My whole body ached. I opened my eyes and saw that I was in a hospital. I knew that I had survived the most traumatic experience that had ever happened to me.

  12. Erin Brown

    As a child, I tended to imagine the world differently than others. I used to conjure crazy scenarios in my mind about mundane surroundings and events. During summertime, the creek in the backyard of my old house was where I practically lived. Everything about the creek inspired me to project little worlds within it. I would examine the crayfish holes and imagine that in each shelter resided a nuclear crayfish family–a family straight from a 1950s sitcom. In my mind, the crayfish father would come home from a long, arduous day of work. Removing his hat and coat and placing them on the coat rack, he would greet his housewife saying: “Honey, I’m home!” Then the parents and their two crayfish children would sit down at the dinner table and precede to eat a pot roast.
    Mushrooms were also a source of my imagination. I would always pretend that mushrooms were houses for minuscule creatures, such as fairies, gnomes, and insects. The word mushroom itself suggests that it is an abode for beings of a smaller stature. I would often imagine gnomes lying in hammocks underneath the cap of a toadstool or sleeping snugly in their beds while a fire crackled and smoke billowed out of the tiny chimney of their fungal dwellings. I thought that the rings of mushrooms that appeared overnight–aptly dubbed “fairy rings”–were the doings of little flying creatures whom strive to make the world a more interesting place.
    Although my imaginations are not as vivid as they once were, I still ponder about the world around me and look for a deeper meaning. Maybe my imaginations are just as present as before, but more mature and less focused on tiny creatures.

  13. Faith Camarata

    When I was a child, I lived in a small house on top of a giant hill. When I say giant hill, I mean close to a ninety degree angle drop. Around the age of seven, I learned to ride my bicycle with no training wheels. My friends and I became obsessed with riding our bikes. We eventually decided that it’d be a brilliant idea to take a chance riding down the hill. We all decided to go down together. It was exhilarating, like we were flying. We loved it, so we rode down the hill almost every day after that. The day before I started second grade, my friend and I did our usual routine, going down the hill. My friend went down before me by herself. She did it perfectly, like she had done a hundred times. When my turn came, I got my positioning just right and then kicked off. I picked up speed, going down the hill just like normal. I got about half way down the hill; but then, all of a sudden, I hit something. I lost my balance and fell to the ground. I rolled all the way down the hill, still clutching the bike for some reason. The handlebars jammed into my side with each roll. It was the worst pain I had ever endured. When I finally stopped rolling, I couldn’t get up, move, or even talk. All I could do was cry. My friend ran inside to get my mom. My mom panicked and rushed me to the Emergency Room. When I got there, the doctors took an x-ray and found out that I had four broken ribs. I had never broken a bone before that day. I ended up breaking my first one by doing something I had done perfectly a hundred times before. I knew exactly what spots to avoid and how to balance, but for some reason it didn’t work out that time.

  14. Molly Gregory

    As a little girl, I wasn’t lonely, per se, but I definitely preferred to play on my own. After all, it was easier to agree with my imaginary friends than it was to agree with other three year olds. I had a constant rotating cast of characters that I involved in my daily dramas, but there were four constants that were always with me. Until I turned five, I had no siblings and no cousins that were old enough to play, so I invented two sisters and one brother: Alice, Sarah, and Michael. From fighting evils fairies on a pirate ship to performing for a crowd of a thousand from my grandmother’s piano, they were always with me. My loft bed was our house, boat, or rocket ship, and the basement was the dungeon. Yet, with those three by my side, even the scariest dungeon or the roughest waters could be braved. The fourth constant in my young life was Prince Louis. He was my romantic interest from age three to age six. He lived in a castle on a cloud, drove a red sports car that flew, and never came to play with us. You could say that I was into unrequited romance at a very young age. I can remember sitting by my bedroom window at night, waiting for my night light to turn off, and talking to the sky. I was always waiting for my prince to take me away. I was a strange child, but even though I was always alone, I was never lonely.

  15. Angelia Read

    Many absurd things have happened in my life time. One event that I vividly remember was the night of Jarod’s sixteenth birthday. He was having a family birthday party at his house and I was invited. His family was sitting in his living room laughing and telling jokes. Jarod and I decided that it would be a brilliant idea for me to put on his football pads. I was transformed into a character two-times my original size. When I walked into the living room, his family exploded with laughter. Conversations erupted and jokes about my ginormous appearance started to form. In the midst of the chaos, I felt a brutal force hit the helmet I was wearing. It was so powerful that I collapsed to the ground. I looked up to see Jarod’s father standing over me laughing hysterically. He wanted to show me what it was like to be hit in football. His methods were rather unconventional and quite shocking as his hit came out of nowhere but I forgave him for his actions. Luckily, I came out of this experience with only a headache and a good laugh.

  16. Ben Ford

    On one completely regular morning not that long ago I was getting ready to go to school like I had a million times. I had eaten my breakfast, gotten all dressed up, and packed my bags like usual, but this morning definitely wouldn’t be a normal one. I headed out to my car, maybe a little later than I should have, considering class started in ten minutes. I just slid into my seat thinking about how I may have to cut my trip to my locker and maybe pass a couple cars, when tragedy struck. As I slid my key into the ignition and turned it as I had a million times, expecting to hear the sound of my cute little V6 roar to life, I heard the terrifying ticking sound of a dead car battery. I, knowing I was probably going to be late even if I left at that moment, was now left mortified at the thought of not making it to my class and potentially getting a tardy slip or even a detention. I sat back and simply though for a moment. I only needed to get my brother’s car key then I could use his car to jump my battery. After I had retrieved the key and my jumper cables I asked my sister to hook the black negative cable clips to the negative battery side of my car, and the positive cable to the other side. I then hooked the other side to my car and fired up my brother’s engine. At first all seemed well, but then my car battery started intermittently sending up sparks and smoking profusely. I quickly turned off my brothers to see what crazy occurrence almost turned my car into a ball of fire. And of course, as I checked the jumper cables, that were so expertly attached to my car battery by my sister, I saw the little negative sign of my jumper cables sitting right next to the positive sign of my battery. Now realizing the rookie mistake that almost destroyed my car I switched the cords and properly jumped my car properly. Soon after the beautiful sound of my car coming back to life filled my ears I saw the time to be 7:50; 25 minutes after my class started.

  17. jacobpryle

    Everybody has that one crazy story that happened to them when they were younger, although some are a little bit more surprising than others. Mine starts off when I was about four years old. Me and my brother Joshua were playing outside. It was about mid fall and of course we had a bonfire in the back yard cooking marshmallows and hot dogs. It’s not unusual for children to be fascinated with fire, well for my brother he definitely wasn’t one of the few that wasn’t. As I put my marshmallows on the stick preparing myself for a tasty snack and relaxing afternoon I had no idea what my mischevious brother was about to do. The next thing I know Josh put a stick in the bonfire, lights it, and starts swinging it around like a madman. So me being myself I stood up and was about to do the same thing when BAM! his stick connected with my eye and gave me a nice burnt eyeball. Stunned, Josh dropped the stick and started yelling for my mom. Before I knew it I was being rushed to the hospital unable to see out of my right eye screaming for my mom even though she was right in front of me in the car (keep in mind I was four years old). When we got to the hospital the doctors put me down on a table and gave me some anestia to knock me out. I awoke a few hours later to find myself in a hospital room with a big stuffed teddy bear. My eye didn’t really hurt anymore and I felt a lot more calm than before. The doctor and my mom walked in together and he explained to me that Josh was very sorry and that I would be perfectly fine, I just had a little burn is all. So in the end it didn’t turn out so bad. I was just happy to go back home and have a brand new stuffed bear.

  18. Devin Cartwright

    One day in kindergarten I was waiting patiently for my turn to get onto the teeter totter. When it was finally my turn I walked up to the teeter totter that someone had just gotten off of, but still had someone on the other side that wanted to play on it. The last thing I remember as I was getting was looking over at the other end and seeing the kid pulling the other end of the teeter totter down. I’m not exactly sure what happen, but my best guess would be that the seat of the teeter totter came flying up and smacked me in the chin knocking me out for a minute or two. When I woke up I could barely move and my eyes were so blurry I couldn’t see anything clearly. I didn’t feel any pain and I don’t remember feeling any pain, but I do remember lifting my hand to head and it coming away completely covered in blood. I’m not sure of what happened next and I don’t know if that is because of how long ago it happened or if I blacked out again, because the next I remember was being in the office bathroom of the school and the teacher washing my hand thinking that it was hand that was bleeding. The next I remember was being at home in my pajamas and watching cartoons. The very last thing I remember of the whole event was looking over at my dad throwing away my clothes I had worn today and remember how red they were. This all happened to me when I was around five, so , the whole even isn’t fresh in my mind. It might have just been a scratch to my head, but at the time my five year old mind thought I had cracked my skull open.


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