English 4 – Back to the Future…

Five hundred years from now (what’s that date again??), an archaeologist stumbles upon the ruins of your home. What will she learn about early 21st century humans by going through (what remains of) your “stuff?”



23 thoughts on “English 4 – Back to the Future…

  1. ClaireeeBelleee

    If an archeologist runs across what is left of my stuff she will learn a lot about the 21st century. First she will see all of the pictures that are left behind. Noticing the clothes trends and the types of dresses we wore to our proms and homecomings. I’m sure what they are wearing to prom in her time is much different. She would see that I’m a cheerleader from not only all the pictures but the 6 sets of poms I have or the 12 different uniforms in my closet. Second, she would realize very fast that I’m a girly-girl. The pale pinks, gold’s and spring greens in my room to the whole wall of shoes I have full from high-heels to cowgirl boots, would give that away. And finally, she would see that my family and I are very close. Family pictures all around the house full of smiles, hugs and our dog, Lucy. There may not be much left of my house in five hundred years, but I sure hope there is. Because for whomever comes across my house will enjoy finding what’s left of our lives.

  2. Kayla Teegarden

    An archaeologist stumbles upon the ruins of my house, five hundred years from now. She will learn about the early 21st century humans by going through my “stuff” would be me and my family were closer than regular families. She would learn this because of all of the pictures that we have from trips that we went on. She would also learn that I liked music but what 17-year-old from the early 21st century didn’t like music. Also, she would learn that music was a big part of society. If an archaeologist found the ruins of my home, she would learn that I liked to listen to music and spend time with my friends and family by going through the remains of my “stuff”.

  3. Maddie_H

    If an Archeologist stumbled upon ruins of my house 5oo years from now they would find many things that may be similar to their time and probably a lot different. One thing they would notice is that my family is very close we have many pictures all around our house of our grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. They would also see that we are a dog household we have 3 dogs and treat them like royalty. The differences they may find is our household items may be different, our stoves and microwaves may be less technologically advanced as theirs, and our cars may be out of style. These are some things archeologists may find if they went through my house 500 years from now

  4. Shawnee Eisenberg

    If an archaeologists stubbled upon the ruins of my house they would learn a little about 21st century humans. They would find the technology we use today. They would find multiple gaming systems and a PC. They would learn that humans in the 21st century were very interested in technology. They would would soon realize that we liked to sit around and do a bunch of nothing. The archaeologist would probably get bored with my “Stuff” and move to the next house.

  5. Bryan S.

    If an archeologist stumbled on the ruines of my house 500 years from now it would probably have some things in common with their house and would include some things they would not understand. They would probably be fascinated by the amount of electronics we have considering the 6 game systems spread throughout the house. They might wonder why we would bring appliances that are terrible for us into our house such as the microwave and television. They would also notice we had a pet cat and a pet dog and see the pictures of everyone. They would probably assume we were a very spiritual and kind people. They might marvel at our technologies and running water or laugh at them if they turn out to be more technologically advanced than us. Comparing our cars and planes to their teleporters or other awesome means of travel.

  6. Katie Hickman

    If an archeologist stumbled on the ruines of my house 500 years from now they would find things that are different then what they have. They would find the old painting that my grandma Rosnett painted. Or the quilts that my grandma and my great aunt Hickman’s made. They will find old family photos from trip we took, and old art projects that my sister, brother, and I made. They will find our two big fish tanks that we used too have fish in. They will find pictures of our animals. They will see our animals food bowls on the floor, they will see my hamster cage in my room. They will see all of our concert tickets, movie tickets, etc. The will find all of my band posters hanging in my room and all my band t shirts, they will see my bookshelf in my room. They will see exactly how we lived on our last days. They will see all of this stuff and wonder what kind of lives we lived and what kinda of people we were. But none of that matters because we will be gone unable to tell our story. They won’t understand how we lived or what we lived and struggled with, they will just see how we lived on our last days.

  7. Katie Moews

    What would an archeologist find in the ruins of my house in 500 years? A lot of what we have tells a lot about the 21st Century. Look how far things have come as far as electronics. Will they have t.v.’s, electronic games, cell phones as we know them today? A lot will be said of the clothing from our era as well. 500 years ago dresses were commonly worn by all woman. That is not the case today. They won’t find many dresses at my house. Will Under Armour, Nike, and Vera Bradley be famous names? Will the same animals exist or will some of them be extinct? An archeologist may find it fascinating when they find the remains of our bulldog, my Nike, and Vera Bradley collection. Let’s look at the cars, ATV, and trucks we have. Will they know what a Ford Focus was?

    What do I think an archeologist will learn about me and from the 21st Century? I am obsessed with Nike, Vera Bradley, and Apple products. We have so many different styles, colors, and electronic equipment available to us. Will these products exist 500 years from now?


    Mason Newell

    The woman rummaging through my belongings would think that we had to have electronic devices in order to function properly. That would be how I would look at it. Everything that we have around us has to do with the internet, television, gaming systems and more electronics. I’m sure that she would believe we were very dependent on them; but instead we could have tried to find something out ourselves or try to form a hypothesis or read a book, instead of using Google or Yahoo to figure something out.

    On Wed, Sep 3, 2014 at 7:43 PM, All the World’s a Stage… (Shakespeare, As You Like It) wrote:

    > twatson100 posted: “Five hundred years from now (what’s that date > again??), an archaeologist stumbles upon the ruins of your home. What will > she learn about early 21st century humans by going through (what remains > of) your “stuff?” “

  9. Lindsay Lappin

    If an archeologist stumbled upon the ruins of my house in 500 years they would probably learn a lot about me. They would learn that I lived a simple and happy life and that I absolutely loved music. They would find that I was a big fan of Jason Aldean because of all my pictures and posters and the shirt that I got at his concert. They will know that I loved to fish because of the 8 poles we have in our shed and all the other fishing equipment. They might think the style of clothing was weird compared to how they dress. I think they would know that my family loved dogs because we have 4. I wonder if they would think our technology is weird or if it would be better or worse. They might also think that the 21st century is when technology started taking over everybody’s lives. Maybe technology will become a lot more advanced than it is now.

  10. Eric Rodriguez

    If an archaeologist stumbled upon my home 500 years from now they will find a lot of electronics. 21st century humans live off of ipods phones computers tablets etc. If pictures somehow last those 500 years they could learn just from a picture how my family is. We are close, and have plenty of pictures together. My mom is my number one fan so of course there will be a lot pictures with me in football gear, that will show the archaeologist the past times of football and how it has evolved. If it is even around 500 years from now

  11. Isabelle

    If an archeologist from the year 2514 were to stumble upon my home, she would realize that everything from our time period was controlled by electronics. With everyone having their own laptop, smartphone, television, and favorite game console in my home, she would see that this generation was very dependent on electronics. Whether it is my brother playing on his Xbox 1, my mom using the computer for a supper recipe, my dad using his laptop to look at new guns to buy, or myself using Youtube on the Wii to make new dance routines, there aren’t many activities that every average family does in life that do not involve electronics. In my kitchen we have a refrigerator there are electronic timers and a radio, in the dining room there is an electronic thermostat for the houses central air, in the living room we have a television, Blu-ray player, Wii, and an Xbox 360, and even in the garage we have electronic speed radar for softball. There is no escaping electronics with today’s technologies, however the archaeologist will most likely think that our way of life as simple compared to life in the future.

  12. Larissa Lappin

    What will archeologists find in my house 500 years from now? They would definitely find what would be my ancient Apple iPhone. 500 years from now they would find my year books and they would also find all my sports trophies. They would find my collection key chains from the places I have visited. Would Nike still be popular? Would cars still be on the ground or will there be flying cars? 500 years from now everything will be different. A whole different world from today.

  13. Erin Morris

    If an archaeologist stumbled across my belongings 500 years from now, he would most definitely find things from the 21st century. He/she will find what people our age was “into.” What kind of electronics we used, what kind of clothes we wore, and what kind of pictures were there. If the future is any different from what it is now, and the archaeologist found my belongings, he or she would get a good idea of what my century was all about!

  14. David

    If an archaeologist stumbled on the ruins of my house 500 years from now they would learn about what kid of technology we use. Such as: Cell phone, PC, and television. They would also know how plumbing and electricity worked. Also about our appliances. How we cooked food by using the stove and how food was kept safe and how it was still edible to eat by the refrigerator. They would also learn about the things we did for fun like sports and other activities we do. They would also learn about the furniture we had 500 years before.

  15. Becca

    If an archaeologist stumbles upon the ruins of my house, five hundred years from now she would learn a lot about the 21st century. One of the first things she would come across is millions of pictures from family gatherings, sporting events, special moments, and just because mom said so pictures. After noticing the family pictures she would quickly stumble across countless pairs of running shoes, running clothes, trophies, ribbons, and time sheets. She would start to question if I even owned a car by all the running shoes I have previously owned. I can picture her now entering the kitchen, living room, and our computer room questioning how we even survived with the technology that we once had. When she leaves the remains of my house I hope one thing sticks out to her the most, how much love and happiness was once shared here.

  16. Jade Sutton

    If tomorrow was the year of 2514 and an archaeologist stumbled across the ruins of my house. They would discover all my old iPhones, HD flat screen tvs and game systems that we had and can see how advanced we were 500 years before their time. In our kitchen they would find our microwave and gas oven, all the decorations in our house are antiques, which all came from years before our own. Once they discover the garage and the drive way. He/She would find three vehicles two dodges and a ford. If they were to dicover bones, they would find out that they were animal bones from all the pets i had over my life time. An archaeologist would be able to see that their technology will probably be way more advanced, house decorations are way different, vehicles are way more up to date and that my family and I were majorly obsessed with animals. One thing I hope they discover are the pictures that I have of my family, friends, and my school were I got my education and hopefully they still have a good place to grow up like I did.

  17. Madi Cash

    If an archaeologist comes across my house in five hundred years, he/she will most certainly be able to tell what the 21st century was about. First, there is so many pictures here to look at. There is pictures of all sorts of things like my family and dogs. The archeologist would probably find perfume bottles somewhere because I have over 100 of them. All the technology will be different and all the styles we all love now we soon be what they see as “ugly”. Out of everything that changes in five hundred years, I can only hope the love for each other and all the family pictures stay the same. Furniture, technology, and style will all change and they will look at us like we are crazy. Come across my house and it will show you all the fun moments brought upon this family.

  18. Brooke Walsh

    When archaeologists of the 21st century found ruins from five hundred years ago we often think about how awful life must have been for the people of that century. Back in the 1500’s (five hundred years ago) Christopher Columbus has just recently founded America, the place we call home. The Native Americans or Indians, as we called them, killed and skinned animals for food and clothing. They built shelter from the skin of animals and the branches and twigs of the trees surrounding them. They didn’t have internet or television to watch every day. They couldn’t call their best friend and tell them to drive over to hangout, they walked. The 21st century of humans compare our lives to the humans’ lives of the 1500’s. Essentially, that’s what would happen if archaeologists five hundred years from now discovered the ruins of my home. They would see our ‘advanced technology’ and refer to it as dinosaur aged technology; the way we compare our high technology to the ancient flip phones is how they would compare theirs to ours. The main generalization that those archaeologists would make out of the human population is that we are, in fact, the laziest people you will ever discover. We have the World at our finger tips and we still manage to find something to complain about. They could rummage through my remains or yours and they would find the basic television, computer, iphone or galaxy. They might discover the bones of dogs or cats or maybe some other childhood pets. But overall they are going to question what we actually did with our lives through this generation.

  19. Ben

    I think if an archaeologist were to come across the ruins of my home in 500 years they would be awestruck at how different life was. For example, will iPhones, Samsung Galaxies,Xbox’s, etc cease to exist in 500 years or will they be replaced with something entirely different. I think that in 500 years if an archaeologist were to find the remains of my house and possessions they would be amazed to see that cars didn’t fly today, while in 500 years all cars could have the ability to fly. Also they will probably stumble across my computer and see that everyone was on 1 of 3 social networking accounts, if not on all 3 on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They will also discover our old pictures and notice in general how everything was different from our hairstyles to our clothing trends to our shoes. Will the popular clothing brands such as Aeropostale and Under Armour still be around in 500 years? Also, they may be shocked to find that we have different hobbies than they do such as playing video games or reading or sleeping when in 500 years they may be into some unseen futuristic new sport or activity. Also, they’d find tons of WalMart bags at my house, and a question that I wonder is if that archaeologist will know what WalMart is or will there be a new dominating super market?
    If an archaeologist were to stumble across my house in 500 years they would be amazed at how different life was including styles, vehicles, social networks, entertainment devices, hobbies, and shopping.

  20. noah

    If an archaeologist began excavating my house in the year 2514 they would find some very interesting things. They would most likely believe that we were a very violent people because of all the guns I have and the thousands of spent brass casings that are scattered throughout my yard. They also would find many old Gameboys. They would probably assume that video games were very popular, and they would be correct. Hopefully by the end of this year there will be a few deer heads on my wall. If deer have gone extinct by 2514 they may be very fascinated to study the remains of my deer.

  21. Alexis Hopkins

    As time progresses, technology continues to advance each and every day. If an archaeologist were to stumble upon the ruins of my home, they would find what type of technology we have. Five hundred years from now the technology will most likely be much more advanced than it now. People looking back to now would kind of be like us looking back to 500 years ago. We study the history of then and are shocked by how little they knew.
    If someone were to stumble upon the ruins of my room, they would find out I love purses and bags. They would also find that I have enough clothes for three people. They would find my 20 pairs of shoes and would find out my style. They would find my car, but how would they know what a Cavalier is? The future is unknown, who knows what will be the “norm” for that time period? It’s hard to tell.

  22. Jakob Dazey

    In this day and age, people have all sorts of new technology. The advancement of the technology is out of this world. Back in the day, people would never of thought that there would be iPhones, laptops, or internet. If an archaeologist were to dig up my house they would find many different things. In 500 years the way that they could dig up things probably has not been discovered. When they would start digging up my house the first thing they would find, would be basketballs. This would show that in our society at the time basketball was a very popular sport. They would learn multiple things about our society. How we worked, how we lived, and how the culture was.

  23. Dylan Dalbey

    Back in time archaeologists only had brushes, hammers, etc. But now in this twenty first century there are new things such as cell phones, computers, new tools used to located and find things. it makes life much easier for us now then it probably was back then. if an archaeologist dug up my house they would most likely find a couple flat screen T.V.’s and a lot of Boston Celtics basketball gear. My house is filled with mostly sports items from bike racing to many American sports. They would find my Kevin Garnett jersey collection that is very special to myself. They may also find a couple of fire arms hidden somewhere. who knows maybe they will find the remains of my cat who would most likely be dead by 2514. So six hundred years from now they might look back and say the technology we have today isn’t even close to as great as theirs.


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