English 4 – College Readiness

What is one area in which you feel you are “ready” to take on the challenges of college? This area may be academic, emotional, spiritual, financial, athletic…anything. Why do you feel this part of you is ready? Likewise, what is one area in which you feel you are not quite ready for college? Again, this can be academic, emotional, intellectual (classes)…anything that you feel you have not been quite prepared. Finally, in what skill do you wish your classes in high school had prepared you a little better?


33 thoughts on “English 4 – College Readiness

  1. Isabelle

    One thing that is preparing me for college is taking College Express. By taking College Express I will get to know DACC campus and be able to talk to the right people when needed. Going to DACC also gives you a feeling of freedom. But with freedom comes responsibility. Unlike high school, the teachers at colleges do not care if you are late to class. Either you come on time, or you do not get into class. One thing that high school has done to prepare me for college is teach the classes like college courses. The classes remain high school level, but the way the classes are taught are more like college courses. There will always be concerns about college until you are actually a full time college student. One of my concerns is not being used to listening to the lectures. Having one class, Western Civilization, that is mostly a lecture class has made me comfortable with history lectures but I do not know how I will handle an english or science lecture. The skill that I wish my high school had prepared me more for college is learning how to take notes during a lecture the proper way. Anyone can write down what the teacher is rambling on about but it takes a certain skill to block out the random side thoughts and pay attention to what we actually need to know.

    1. MASON

      One area I particularly believe I am ready for, is the classes that contain anything science related, apart from chemistry. The reason I feel most prepared for this specifically is because I take an interest in this area and seem to understand it a little better than other subjects. However, the one subject I don’t feel as prepared for is writing essays for any English classes. If my memory serves me correctly, I have written anywhere for 2-4 essays and have to look up how to write the essays just about every time I write one. Since English is probably my worst class, I wish the English classes that I had taken in past years had given me a better understanding on essays. Along with little nifty techniques to help me remember exactly where to put my thesis statement, when to start a new paragraph, etc.

    2. Katie Hickman

      I think taking College express is helping me prepare due to the fact that I get to experience how college life is and what teachers expect of you. College express lets me have more time to decide what a really want to do. College express looks good on a college or job application also. College express has also taking me out of my comfort zone, meaning that its more stressful and you have to work a lot harder to get your work done. I think that being pushed and expected to do more will help me know what to get ready for, for college or whatever I decide to do after college. I also feel that I’m not ready or prepared for college. I wish I would have worked harder the past couple of years. I think we should be pushed to do more stuff in school, not just senior year, every year. I’m not financial ready for college. I’m somewhat scared of college because,it’s new, it’s going to be hard , stressful even. I don’t really see myself in college. I would really like to try and succeed though.

    3. Lindsay Lappin

      College express has been a very helpful program to get me ready for college. It has shown me what college is going to be like. College isn’t as much stress as high school because in college sometimes you don’t have class everyday and will have more days to get any homework assignments finished. College instructors give you a little more freedom because if you do not complete the assignment then it’s your responsibility and not theirs. All my classes get me ready for college in many ways especially English because we do essays and research papers and I know that for college we have to do those. I feel I am ready for college and ready to move on and start a career.

  2. Kayla Teegarden

    One area that in which I feel that I am “ready” to take on the challenge of college would be academic. I feel this part of me is ready because I am in the process of taking a college class at Danville Area Community College. I feel that the class has “pushed” me in a way. I guess I haven’t gave much thought about college besides going to Danville Area Community College and Eastern Illinois University. But, what if I don’t go to my “dream” school, I haven’t gave much thought about going somewhere else. I think that being in the college class has helped me look into other colleges. One area where I feel that I am not prepared for college would be academic and financial. I feel that I am “halfway ready” because I am in the process of taking a college class but also I am also taking a weighted math class which means that I have a higher grading scale. I feel that since I am planning on going to DACC for my first two years to get rid of my general studies classes. I feel that making that decision is better since I would be able to still stay home and not be out of state,in case, something would have to happen. The financial side is that I have money saved up but I am going to be needing scholarships,also. The skill that I wish my classes in high school would be academic. Saying this, I mean that my classes could have put college courses into our daily schedule. As an example, I would say that starting our freshman year in high school, putting college math classes in our math classes and etc. Those are the areas that I feel that I am “ready” but not “ready” in.

  3. Larissa Lappin

    One way I feel I am ready for the challenges of college is by preparing myself since freshman year. I packed my schedule full each year to make sure I had all the classes I needed to ease my way into college to become an RN. I have prepared myself also by enrolling myself into College Express into the Health Occupations class. I feel I am ready because I’ve been preparing myself since freshman year. One area that I feel I am not ready for college would be financially. I have a job but I will also be paying my own bills. For example my car, insurance, and phone bill. All in all, I am prepared for college no matter what. But during high school a class that I wish could have prepared me a little bit more would have to be English. I feel as if nothing was taught besides my freshman year with Mr. Beuklman. I feel as if the English department can use some improvement.

  4. Madi Cash

    College Express has given me a very large idea of what college is going to be like, whether it’s running to class to make it on time or if it’s sitting at home doing a research paper due the next day. College Express definitely shows me that college isn’t as strict as high school, but it throws a lot of work at your face. High school is helping me prepare for college due to the fact that all my senior classes are being taught like college classes. Taking notes is my big concern. I have never been a very good note taker and that’s all college students really do. Teachers here at the high school go off topic sometimes and it makes me personally lose a lot of focus. I’m one to just right down the notes that are on slide shows word for word. I am currently in a psychology class that lectures and is a little different than most classes I have taken. Hopefully this class will help me learn how to take better notes. Overall, school is never easy. College Express and my psychology class both will help me prepare for college a little more than most of my other classes. They will help me learn to listen while the teacher is lecturing and I will also learn how to take better notes.

  5. josephtennyson@students.bismarck.k12.il.us

    I feel as if I am emotionally prepared for college because of the opportunities my school gives me. College express is the main reason, we leave the school campus every day to go to a place that is a lot more strict than our school. In school if you skip class, or cause trouble, you get in trouble. At DACC, there is no detention or suspension, you get kicked out of the class and loose the opportunity to take college courses while in high school. But, I must say that I am not sure if I am completely prepared for college because of all the responsibility. Now, the school bus drops us off at the door and picks us up. When I get out of school and have to do it on my own, I will have to do everything on my own. I don’t think it will be too hard, but everyone has their lazy days when we don’t want to get out of bed. The only thing I wish I could have been more prepared for is to be introduced to different things that are out of my comfort zone, because that is how college is. It is all a different environment than school, and I don’t know if I will be used to it or not, or if I will get used to it.

  6. Alexis Hopkins

    College is an everyday subject recently, since now I am a senior and everyone around me is stressing how important college is. To me, emotionally I’m ready for college. I’ve lived in Danville my whole life, I’m ready to move away and go to college in a different city or even in a different state. Even though it is going to be difficult to gather the money for college, I have the ambition to pursue the career of my dreams. As the time inches closer to start applying to college, grants, and scholarships my stress and excitement level has hit the roof. Thoughts of being on my own has scared me and excited me. I think that college is going to be an experience that I will never forget.
    As a student of BHHS, I have learned a lot over the years attending here. The teachers are helpful, driven, and encouraging. Now that I’m a senior I’ve been thinking about just how much is going to be thrown at me in the near future. I think I have a lot of homework now, I’m going to have tons when I start college. Academically I don’t think I’m ready for college because I still have a lot to learn. I’m intelligent and I continue to learn new things every day. Just like anyone, I still have a lot ahead of me and I plan to use my time wisely as a senior to prepare myself in the most efficient way.

  7. rosswhite678

    I’m ready mentally for college. I know I’ll have drive and focus to take college head on. Once my mind is set on something, I can do it. One thing I am worried about is the classes. I feel like some classes might be to much to handle. I wish I learned how to study better in high-school so that my classes would be easier to handle. Studying is an important skill that I wish I would’ve learned to do better.

  8. Stephanie luppino

    I feel I am emotionally, spiritually, and athletically ready for the challenges that college will bring me. This is because I have been away from home for long periods of time so it really would not bother me emotionally. I am spiritually ready because I am close with my church and the people there who have always helped me in my time of need. I am already fit and healthy so that takes care of the athletic part. I do not feel like I am academically or ready financially because I feel I could still learn a lot more and could make some better financial choices. These will come in time though. By being in College Express I feel it has helped me a lot and is preparing me for college. The only thing I wish I would have done which is not particularly the schools fault but my own that would have helped me was to take more financial classes. Due to that I know very little and this is a problem.

  9. Maddie_H

    I feel like I am emotionally prepared for college because I have had a part time job for almost 3 years now. I am currently taking classes that are preparing me for college, and I have been independent since I was 12 years old. I work a lot of hours, I am responsible for waking myself up for my early shifts like at (5:30.am). I am self-sufficient, I wash all my own clothes and prepare my own meals. I feel all of these have prepared me to be on my own for college. I feel like the one area Im not ready for college is the academic part. College is different from high school, academically, it is made out to be harder. I tend to struggle when being in huge classes. I hope my high school classes prepare the best that they can I know that the atmosphere will be completely different. College is not made to be easy like high school, I just hope I am ready for it.

  10. noah campbell

    I am ready for the academic challenges of college. I have taken a few dual enrollment classes and I have and am doing well in all of them. I passed a very challenging dual credit history class with a high “B”. Also all of my life I have kept an “A” average in all of my classes. In the past few years I also have been improving the quality of my papers quite a bit. As many people have told me writing papers will be very important while I am at college. One area I am concerned about is deciding on what I actually want to study while at college. I have narrowed it down to Natural Resources or Agriculture. However, these are all very broad subjects. It will be hard for me to choose exactly which major I want to attempt to study. I wish my English classes so far had taught me how to write better paper. I feel like they have left me unprepared for the college that lies before me.

  11. Ben Sears

    I am ready for college, in an academic/intellectual sense. I feel that my 3 going on 4 years of High School has prepared me well for college. After all, that is the point of high school though. Although, many high schools only require 2 or 3 years of math and only 2 or 3 years of science, I have taken those core subjects all 4 years, and this year I have doubled up on science by taking Anatomy & Physiology and Physics. Again, in the academic and intellectual since I feel I am ready for college, as I have taken the core subjects; English, Science and Math all 4 years of high school.
    I am not sure I am ready for college in the emotional sense, because I have never been away from home for long periods of time and it will just seem weird with the different environment of not coming home to my family after school/work, I will be going “home” to a dorm room after classes where someone I probably won’t even know or maybe not even like will be, instead of my family.
    Really and truthfully, I think all my high school classes that I have taken have prepared me well for what college life will be like.

  12. Becca

    Walking into the halls freshmen year we were told, “Don’t blink, senior year will be here before you know it.” Of course we all looked at them and laughed and commented with, “yeah right, I have four years until graduation day.” But now as senior year has started and we all realize college is coming whether we are ready or not. For some, looking at colleges can be a very nerve-racking experience but for others this experience can be breeze. Unfortunately, applying for colleges is a very overwhelming for me, I feel like I’m not emotionally prepared for college because I have very mixed feelings about leaving Danville. All I have ever known is Danville and I still manage to get lost, I can’t even begin to imagine trying to figure out a new town. Although, I’m not emotionally prepared, I do feel like I’m academically ready. Bismarck has tried to prepare me the best that they knew how. I took classes that challenged me instead of taking it easy. One skill I wish I could have had more practice at is developing note taking. We have always been able to take notes off of a PowerPoint. I have never had to take notes off of a lecture and I’m somewhat nervous that I won’t be able to keep up.

  13. Dylan Dalbey

    I think with myself I am emotionally ready for college. things like college or the start of freshman year to senior just does not bother me to much at all. My emotions with school are very few because it’s something you just have to get done and not worry about everyday. But one thing I am worried about when I go off to college is my academics. I’m by far not the brightest crayon in the Crayola box so I think my grades in high school and my studying habits will not be fit for most colleges. To be honest studying is not my thing nor is reading either. Overall if I had to pick a skill that I needed to be taught more in high school to be prepared for in college is how to study better. I feel as if it is not something that is stressed upon in most high school classes like it should be. There is not a couple days out of the semester where they take a day to just learn to study like I think we should. Studying can get you anywhere in life so that’s why I think the classes I took in high school should have prepared me for a little bit better throughout.

  14. Mo

    I believe I’m ready for college athletically, emotionally, and I believe I’m mature enough to start college this time next year. I feel like I’m athletically ready because I’ve played sports ever since I could walk. I always have had two brothers pushing me to do well in my sports. I’ve trained very hard and I feel like I have been preparing myself well enough for college athletics. I am definitely emotionally ready for college because I’m very eager to be on my own without having my parents constantly bugging me about where I am and what I’m doing. I’m more than capable of doing activities I want to do on my own without mommy and daddy holding my hand. Lastly, I believe I’m mature enough to live on my own because I’m capable of doing all of the chores my mom does for me today like washing dishing, doing laundry, and cooking. I’m very excited to go off to college. The part I am not completely ready for is the academics. I’m not a bad student but I never have the motivation to do homework and I’m going to have to work on that this year. I wish my English III class had prepared me better for college, other than that I feel like all my teachers have done a good job helping me with preparing myself.

  15. Jade Sutton

    One area of college I am ready to take on is the homework. Senior year isn’t as easy as what most people want it to be. I’m taking Anatomy and Pre-Calculus, they are not the easiest but by the end of this year I will be use to spending my night locked in my room or glued to the kitchen table doing homework all night. Mentally it is draining, but by the end of this year I’m hoping it will help build that up so I can take on the stressed out college life. Even though I might feel ready to get out of high school and start my new life in college I’m still not ready and I won’t ever really be ready. My main thing I’m not ready for is being on my own, I won’t have any family or friends. It will feel as I’m starting over. Both my family and friends are my support system and when I move away, I’m afraid that they won’t be here to help me if I need it, as they say out of sight out of mind. After I graduate I won’t be able to depend on my mom as much anymore, it may sound stupid but I wish there was a class that taught us how to pay and read bills or cash a check because some of us haven’t had the opportunity to learn that type of stuff.

  16. Shawnee

    College can be exciting as well as scary. One aspect of college that I am prepared for is the academics. Although I know I will be challenged academically, I’m always ready to learn. I believe that knowledge is power and in order to make improvements, you have to struggle a little. One thing I’m not prepared for is leaving my family. Once I graduate high school my parents are moving to Colorado. I’ve decided to stay here and attend DACC for two years and then nursing school for two more years. I’m also not ready to be on my own yet. Being in college means you’re all grown up and have to start making some big decisions. I think that high school has prepared me well for college. Although, there are some things that could have prepared me better. I wish my classes had better prepared me socially. I’m good at learning, but terrible at communication. Overall I think college will be a great experience and I can’t wait!

  17. Bryan

    I don’t think I am ready for college. When it comes to making important decisions in life I tend to draw a blank. I know this is awful considering I am now a senior and am going to have to decide what I want to do with the rest of my life very soon. I have thought a lot about what career I want to pursue but there is just so much out there to do, so many paths to walk down. However I do know that whatever I decide to do I will be able to handle it, when I put my mind to something I am going to get it done. I know this because I hit a rough patch in my life a while back. I gave up on school, I didn’t show up and eventually dropped out. Then one day I decided I didn’t want to do that so I came back, upon coming back I finished out the year with straight A’s. I believe if I can manage that after not learning really anything for almost two years then I can accomplish even larger feats when managing my time correctly. I think that high school has prepared me for college academically, although I can still barely write an essay for English, this is one thing I wish I was better at or more prepared.

  18. Casey Robinson

    I feel like one area that I am ready to take on the challenge of college is the environment and the homework. Going to Dacc has helped prepare me for the college atmosphere and finding my way around a college campus. I also feel by attending college classes prepares me for the assignments and homework that is expected of me. One area that I feel I am not quite ready is the emotional aspect of leaving my parents, family, friends and home environment and living on a college campus. One area that I wished my high school classes would have prepared me better for college is that of English and the aspects of grammar. Another area that I would have liked to have been prepared in is that of taking specific notes during a class or lecture in order to pin point certain important topics during the class.

  19. Erin Morris

    College to me, right now, is like waiting for the girl in the horror film to open the closet door knowing something scary is going to jump out. I am patiently waiting until someone gives me a shove and makes me “open the closet door”. I am ready to start a new chapter in my book of life, but trying to keep it on hold for as long as possible. With that being said, I’m ready for college in a spiritual way. I’m dreading it right now, but I know when it is time to be a freshman again I’m going to be on my way to a successful life. I feel as though college is going to be is going to be more challenging than high school. In high school, teachers “baby” students. Whether it be homework, tests, quizzes, or coming to class on time, they will give the student more than one warning. College teachers, on the other hand, aren’t so nice. They don’t care if you had work the night before and the student didn’t get their 87 page paper completed, or if you were 30 seconds late for class and the door gets locked. College is also a lot more expensive. With my County Market pay check, I won’t even have enough money for a book! One way my high school classes can help a student is not holding their hand so much. High school is about fun, but when it is time to buckle down and get an assignment done, students should be focused and get the task completed.

  20. eric rodriguez

    I feel like the area I am most ready is in academics. Personally I think I do a pretty good job at getting all of my work done and staying on top of my grades. Of course everyone gets an assignment in late so I’m not going to say I’m perfect at doing so i kind of dread growing up and going to college will probably mess with my emotions a little bit. When I take notes I sometimes have a bad habit of writing everything down, and that is one thing I need to prepare myself for. I am hoping this finally year of high school I can prepare myself for note taking, being well organized and getting all my work done

  21. David

    One area I know I am ready for is the athletic part of it. I think golf has helped me physically and emotionally, etc because Golf is one of those sports where you have to practice and work at it and be on top of it at all times. So I feel like Golf gave me that attitude for when I go to college and later get a job. In life I have to work at it and be on top of things at all times, Life never gets easier. The part I am really not ready for is the academic part of it. I am an extremely lazy person when it comes to my homework at night. I always wait till the last minute to start it. In college you can’t do that or you will be so far behind on everything it’s crazy. That’s why I gotta be thinking I’m at the driving range at all times. I think Bismarck has prepared me well for College in all subjects except English. They didn’t teach us the right way or the wrong way to write a paper. Like the MLA Format. I have no clue what in the world that is about. Teachers didn’t prepare us whatsoever on how to write a paper. I feel like I’m gonna go to College and have no clue how to write an essay. English teachers need to improve on that.

  22. Katie Moews

    I feel I am emotionally ready for college. I have matured a great deal in the past 3 years. My freshman year I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Let’s just say college was the last thing on my mind. My sophomore year things started to click. I started a part-time job and while things were hectic I found myself thinking what I wanted to do after high school. My junior year I started another part-time job working more hours. I have been able to juggle long hours at work and class work as well. My grades are better now than they were my freshman year. I think maturity has a lot to do with it. I wish I would have known then what I know now. While I may be emotionally ready I feel there are areas I struggle with. I have never been a good test taker. This is one area that I wish I would have been better prepared for.

  23. Brooke Walsh

    Entering my senior year of high school, I have noticed all everyone seems to talk about is college. Whether it is a teacher, my peers, or my parents, it seems like they are forcing you to grow up when you still have your whole senior year left. Academically, I feel prepared due to the fact that I have been loading up my schedule since freshman year. I have always maintained good grades, and been able to complete every assignment. My only concern is my writing skills are not at the college level. Another category i feel most confident in is being athletically prepared to take on a college level playing experience. My whole life I have always played above my age group. When being in grade school I would attend the high school practices with my older sister. Now that I am in high school, I have had the opportunity to play in open gyms at colleges. Part of myself feels as if I am emotionally and spiritually ready for college. I am ready to start this new chapter in my life. I’m willing to accept any challenge that God throws my way. With that being said, I am very attached to my family and haven’t been away from home for long periods of time. I love my family dearly, but I am ready to get out on my own and actually experience the real world.
    The categories that I do not feel prepared for are financially and intellectually. financially, I do have a part time job working 25+ hours a week. I pay for my gas, insurance, and cell phone bill,. Altogether, that is roughly two hundred dollars a month. College is easily twenty thousand dollars a year, if not more. Where am I going to get that kind of money? In some of my classes I do not feel intellectually prepared. I am used to smaller classes where the teacher is able to work with a student one on one. Classes in college will be much bigger and more advanced than what I have come accustom to. Many of the classes that I have been enrolled in the teachers have used power points and other note-taking methods so students can copy notes. In college, professors or instructors lecture abut the chapter expecting you to follow along with what they teach. In most of my English classes through the course of my 3 years at Bismarck have NOT prepared me for college. I feel as if my vocabulary is very inadequate, and my writing skills are absolutely terrible.
    Overall, I am horrified to actually go to college. The last thing I want to do is let everyone down, but unfortunately college is approaching faster than I have ever imagined. I think I am primarily prepared, but after I walk across that stage and have my diploma in hand I hope I can say I am fully prepared for college thanks to the wonderful staff at Bismarck Henning High School.

  24. Morgan

    I feel I am spiritually ready to take on the challenges of college. I feel that I will be ready in this way because I have a really strong relationship with my church, family and youth leaders. The relationships I have with the people in my life are what helps me get through any tough thing in my life. I feel that with their support I will be ready to go out on my own and be comfortable with the challenges I will face. I feel that I will not be ready academically. I feel this way because I feel that I am not prepared for the complexity of college courses. I feel that I will get frustrated with the fact that I won’t have the same group of people to help me that have always been there.

  25. Jakob Dazey

    There are many areas that I think i am ready for. One in particular, is i am prepared for the course work. Freshman year i took many classes to help prepare me for the college criteria. Dual Enrollment U.S. History and Psychology are going to save me money and also has me prepared with the college level work, the college level classes, and multiple people in the classroom. I think Bismarck is one of the top schools in the county, the academic classes they provide to their students help them tremendously in college. In college the work is do right then and there when you enter the classroom. In high school, most of the teachers follow that. Which really is helpful because I am ready for it to be turned in and I wont be shocked. Many of my friends are scared to go to college because they did not work hard enough or they did not take hard enough classes to challenge themselves. I took many classes that will prepare me for college. In college I plan on going into business, the English classes and many of the math classes have me on track to succeed in the college atmosphere, and help me start my career.

  26. JesseJennings78

    The areas that I feel ready for the challenges of college are, academic, athletic, and confident. The reasons why I fell ready for the challenges because college is like high school but a new ball game, I am a kid that will go all the way and with autism I am more than ready to use my abilities to complete the challenges ahead of me. There is some challenges that I’m not ready for and I think the main challenge is dealing with my emotions better, but I will try my best of dealing my personal emotions when collage comes around.


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