The Great Gatsby

How do you think the movie of “The Great Gatsby” compares to the novel of the same name? What similarities do
you see? What differences do you find?  The movie won an Oscar for set design. Do you think the award is justified? Would you have designed any part of the movie differently? Please explain.


One thought on “The Great Gatsby

  1. hwestfahl

    I personally had never seen the movie previous to the book. I really did not enjoy the book at first. I have always been a ‘happy ending’ kind of person. Yet, as I thought about it, the book helped me view the whole theme behind it. The movie kept all the main points and made it sometimes easier to follow. Even though movies are great sometimes, you tend to miss the details or the big picture behind it and just think it was a good movie. Both were ingeniously made. The movie was brilliant. The color, the life, and the amazing actors, did “The Great Gatsby” justice. Even though I originally hated the book, I have come to realize that not every story has a happy ending.


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