ALS 1 – React to a selection on newsela

For ALS 1…Choose one article from the website that DOES NOT HAVE A QUIZ to respond, either agreeing with or disagreeing with the article’s message. First, summarize the article in one paragraph, being sure not to plagiarize. Then, explain why you either agree with or disagree with the article’s message. Be sure to use specifics and details from the article. Don’t just go off on a “tangent,” but stick to the points the article makes and respond in a second, well-written paragraph.


One thought on “ALS 1 – React to a selection on newsela

  1. Catie Spicer

    The article that I read was on the tornado in Washington, Illinois. The devastating tornado cut a path about eighth of a mile wide from one side of Washington to the other and damaged and destroyed about 500 homes. Washington was not the only place to get hit. The storm also battered parts of Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and western parts of New York. The storm hit harder than they thought.


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