AP English – “The Drunkard”

Choose a favorite quote from Frank O’Connor’s famous short story, “The Drunkard” and explain why it affects you as such. This quote should somehow exemplify the irony on which the story is heavily written. Be sure to elaborate and explain yourself so that others reading your response will have a strong appreciation of the use of irony in the selection. Don’t forget to establish who says the quote and provide the page number.


7 thoughts on “AP English – “The Drunkard”

  1. Reid Schendel

    “…I’m the one that ought to be pitied, with my day ruined on me, and I after being made a show for the wehole road.” – Father of the main character. Page 347

    This quote tells the reader just how ironic the father’s actions are. He takes off of work to go to a funeral, not to mourn his lost freind, but to get drunk and socialize. He is not the least worried about his son’s health, but instead is upset that his day was ruined.

  2. marybass170

    My favorite quote form “The Drunkard” is “You were his guardian angel.” Larry’s mother said this quote at the bottom of page 347. This quote exempilfies the irony of the story by showing that Larry, the child, had to get drunk to show his father how alcoholism afftects their family. Instead of the father getting drunk, Larry does. His father is finally able to see how he appears when he is drunk. Their family has to do so much when Larry is drunk, just as they would have to do if the father were to be drunk.

  3. molliesmith1314

    My favorite quote in “The Drunkard” is on page 343. While in the bar Larry says, “I took down the glass and sipped cautiously. It was a terrible disappointment. I was astonished that he could even drink such stuff. It looked as if he had never tried lemonade.” This quote literally made me laugh out loud. I think anyone who has had a sip of alcohol as a youngster can relate to this description. It’s hard for a child to comprehend why an adult would enjoy something that tastes so foul. The quote introduces the irony in the story because the reader expects the father to be the drunkard in the story, but ultimately it turns out to be the son.

  4. owens9509

    “Ah Jasus,” what do I want to go home for? Why the hell can’t you leave me alone?” is a hysterical quote from the litte boy to be found on page 346. The fact the the boy says this because he doesn’t understand that he is drunk makes it that much funnier when he askes the old women why they are lauging at him. The irony relfects on the saying, “like father like son”, and even usese the steroetypical thought that old people are nosy gossipers.

  5. Austin Getts

    My favorite quote comes from Mother on page 347. She is speaking to Larry when she says, “My brave little man! It was God did it you were there. You were his guardian angel.” She says this the morning after he had gotten drunk and injured himself. It is very ironic in that, first of all, Larry is a young child around the age of six, and the reason Mother is thankful is because his drinking of the alcohol prevented Father from getting drunk. The way she calls him her ‘brave little man’ is ironic because it almost implies that Larry sacrificed himself and drank the alcohol in order to prevent Father from getting drunk, when in fact, the only reason he even took it was because he was thirsty.

  6. Charlotte Brumett

    My favorite quote in “The Drunkard” is “Two minutes now, just a bottle of lemonade and we’ll go home.” (342). The father says this to Larry when he asks if they can leave in order to prevent his dad from drinking. I find it ironic because Larry knows that it will not just be one bottle of lemonade and that his father will be there for a while drinking. The one thing Larry was supposed to prevent, but he cannot resist the lemonade.

  7. hwestfahl

    “God Almighty, and the whole road out! What misfortune was on me that I didn’t stop at my work! Can’t you walk straight?”
    I find this quote very ironic, after the father realizes what has happened he is wishing he would have gone to work instead of gone drinking. He also is more concerned about people seeing the boy than the fact that his son is drunk and needs to go home. His father also seemed surprised his son cannot walk when he has drank before and he should know the outcome.


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