AP English Performs “The Kuegelmass Episode”

Reflect on your experience presenting a dramatic performance of Woody Allen’s “The Kuegelmass Episode.” What do you think went well? What would you personally do differently? How does performing the short story change the way you perceive it? Who would you vote as the winner of “Most Dramatic Performer?” Share your reflections in a good, well-written paragraph with your peers!


8 thoughts on “AP English Performs “The Kuegelmass Episode”

  1. Reid Schendel

    I thought that the play went quite well. The acting was good and no one laughed a lot while acting. I would have made sets and given us more time to get our lines down. Performing gives me a look into the characters’ points of view. I vote for Mary for Most Dramatic Performer. I had a lot of fun performing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. owens9509

      ‘t too many awkward moments. I’d say that a full run-through of the script would have made the ending that much greater. Performing a short story makes the story seem more light-hearted and unrealistic. Good job Mr. Getts! It was certainly entertaining to see how we as a group interpreted the story. I look forward to doing it again sometime. 🙂

  2. marybass170

    I think the performance of “The Kuegelmass Episode” went very well. The way we portrayed the actors was one of our strongest parts. If we could do anything differently, I would put on the story as a full production with a set, props, and time inbetween acts so it did not look as weird and choppy. Performing the sotry helps you understand the emotions the characters are feeling. The “Most Dramatic Performer” winner, to me, is Getts. He did a great job at portraying Kuegelmass.

  3. agettswhat

    It was very interesting to perform “The Kuegelmass Episode”. I think the class’s representation of the story, especially with only two days to plan it, went very well. It followed the story and included the humor and irony that was in “The Kuegelmass Episode”. Personally, I would have planned to allow for more time. Not only were we rushed in the planning period, but also in the performance. Performing the short story made it appear more real, as though something of the sort actually has a possibility of occurring. The “Most Dramatic Performer” award would either go to Adam (Persky the Great) or Charlotte (Daphne). Adam dressed in full magician’s attire and acted as a true performer. Charlotte took the “beachball” description to a whole new level, stuffing a full-sized bean bag chair in her jacket. Both were very deserving of the award.

  4. molliesmith1314

    The performance went well! It was a fun way to dive into the story. I enjoyed watching my classmates embody characters. Personally, I would have liked to practice a little more. Some of the ironny and the humorous lines were cut out of our rendition and I was a little disapointed. Performing the short story really puts you in the shoes of the charcters. I think it took acting it out to really understand how sticky the situation was. I would vote Adam as the most dramatic performer simply because of how excited he got about the whole thing. He helped us all by supplying props and he wasn’t afraid to act goofy.

  5. hwestfahl

    The performance of The Kuegelmass Episode was so fun to do! It definitely helps to act out the story to further understand certain parts of it. I loved seeing fellow classmates in new personas. For this specific story It would have been nice to have a little extra time to put it all together. Yet, considering the short amount of time and improving of props I think it went together nicely. We should make more skits like this. Great job guys!

  6. Charotte Brumett

    The performance went well! Personally, I think we needed a little more time to prepare and if we were able to do the entire script it would have been better. I think acting out the story helps us to better understand the charicters feelings and additudes. I vote Adam as the most dramatic performer.


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