Provide several suggestions (3-4) of modern-day, debatable, fresh topics that would be suitable for written persuasive essays as well as persuasive speeches. Take into consideration your classmates (audience) and the world around you (modern-day issues/fresh perspectives). Please also consider the need for evidence/support/resources that the writer/speaker would need to bolster the argument. Consider what types of first degree evidence and what types of second degree evidence could be used for support. Please do more than just “list” 3-4 topics. This blog should be written in “paragraph” form of length of approximately 75 words.


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  1. tpasley96

    Arguable topics are very easy to find, you can find multiple sites that show good arguable topics. I found 3 topics that would be very good things like whether or not the drinking age should be dropped to 18, censorship is sometimes justifiable, every citizen should have to pass a driving test to get a license, and any citizen without a criminal record should be allowed to carry a concealed weapon. All these topics are easily researched and arguable either way.

  2. alaniswallace

    Three modern-day topics for a persuasive essay are, raising the driving age to twenty-one, girls being allowed to play on boy’s sports teams, and schools starting later in the day. I think these would be good topics because they are effecting every student in the world and anyone would be able to argue with or against the following topics.

  3. heyitsrachelk

    Three debatable topics that I found include: religion in schools, culture practices defining who we are, and homeschooling vs. public schooling. These topics are timeless; they will always be considered “modern-day topics.” These topics also directly affect high school students because they could potentially change our lives. Resources and support would some from personal opinions of high school students. Evidence would come from personal experiences from, again, high school students. This is why I think that these topics will be very arguable on both sides.

  4. brittanyribbe

    There is so many issues going on in the world that could be debated by our class . We could spend the rest of the year debating all these topics. The first topic would be not necessarily about abortion, but to debate weather a minor should require parental permission to receive a abortion. The second topic would be death penalty using the untested drugs on the inmates, is this ok or not?. The third would be raising the tanning age to 18. All of these topics have research and many articles published for them. They would be great topics for us all to discuss.

  5. sarahsteinbaugh

    Since there are many topics that are very controversial, it’s hard to find one that isn’t highly talked about. One would be if a school should discipline teens who cyber-bully. Also, we could talk about electronics in class or the use of breathalyzers at school to prevent trouble.

  6. quentinallsopp

    So many arguable topics run through my head as I start to think about what goes on in today’s modern society. I mean a few major things have been brought up here lately in the government. There’s Gun Control, The big deal on legalizing medical marijuana in every state, and they have also been talking about possibly lowering the drinking age to 18. There’s those, and a lot more!

  7. victorialeighann

    Some topis that would be great for a pursuasive paper could include the following:school should start at a later time and be extended longer into the evening, cell phones should be allowed in school, or even that Puerto Rico should become a state. These would all be great topics because you can find statstics and even your own experinces would aid you in your arguement.

  8. loganknight96

    There are many different topics that could be used as a lead for a persuasive essay. There are many controversial issues going on in the world today, and everyone has different opinions on different events. One topic that has been questioned lately is, Should college athletes be paid?Another topic could be, Should females in the military be excluded from combat and other “hazardous” duties?(I CLAIM THIS ONE!!!) Another that all students could give input on would be; Should schools require student uniforms? Each of these topics could raise controversy from each viewpoint and could lead you to creating a great persuasive essay.

  9. sheetskelsey2013

    With the world being such a different place than it was many years ago, there are many logical and serious topics that could be talked about in todays society.Three good controversial topics I found include should teens be required to take a parenting class in high school?, should children that commit violet crimes be tried as adults? And, one topic that has been persistently questioned lately is, are school lunches considered healthy diets, or is it considered malnutrition? (I claim this one) All of these persuasive topics can be seen from both view points, and can be backed up with strong valid information. You can also find good first-degree evidence and second-degree evidence that could easliy support these topics in a sensible manner.

  10. pokemontrainerjenna

    Debatable topics can be one of the touchiest subjects to date. To debate one of the issues such as abortion, school uniforms, cultural appropriation, or animal testing (If we’re supposed to claim one I claim animal testing), you have to choose your words very carefully as well as address the counter argument for an effective essay. You also have to understand that not everyone will agree with your side, and could very well be offended by what you say. An effective persuasive essay/speech should make people with a different opinion at least consider the other side, in my opinion.

  11. Katarina Johnson

    There are plenty of topics we could or even have debated in class. A few popular ones would be: should people who receive welfare be drug tested (I claim this one!), should teens be able to drink legally with parental consent, and are students mature enough to decide whether to drop out at the age of 16 or should the age be raised to 18? I think all of these could be easily researched and written about!

  12. joshuacarnine

    Some arguable topics are, many natural resources are now being depleted at an unnatural rate. Resources like forests, clean water and animals. Another would be, should cities and towns strive to preserve old monuments and historical buildings or should they not waste the money and just take them down. And a last one could be, do you really think zoos serve any real purpose, or are they just a big waste of money?

  13. hannahstory2013

    There are many “modern day” arguable topics to choose from. I chose some subjects that I think are very controversial and will be fun and interesting to write about. One example that I would like to write about would be, should we replace certain pills and medicines with natural alternatives. (I will probably write on this one). For example many forms of arthritis can be eased with the help of herbs and supplements. Another good persuasive topic could be, should school days be shorted. I have actually heard a lot of controversy over this topic and I think that there is a lot of information to back up the evidence. Why kids need better nutrition is also a very good topic for a persuasive essay. There is an abundance of data to show that kids today are not getting the nutrition they need to keep them healthy inside and out.

  14. marashields14

    The are many debatable topics to choose from. Today’s society makes it easy for us. A very popular topic is whether or not the drinking age should be lowered to eighteen. Many people agree with it based on the fact that you can serve your country at that age as well. Another topic is abortion but you have to be careful because many people are very touchy with the issue. Gay marriage is also another touchy subject in todays society.

  15. aswizzle12

    There are many debatable and fresh topics that our class could write on. If I could choose a topic though, it would be about whether or not belly putters should be banned from the game of golf. Another topic that I could do is whether or not the USGA should put more strict regulations on the designs of clubs and balls to halt the distance advantage of some clubs and balls compared to others. These both would be easy for me to talk about because I can relate to golf very easily and have a lot of first hand evidence with the issue. The last topic that we could talk about is whether or not high school basketball should have a shot clock.

  16. connelly15

    There are lots of debatable topics that we could write about. If I chose some mine would be on, If you commit cyber bully if you should get suspended form school or not, another one would be if the government spend more money on education. those are a couple topics I think would be good to do in class.

  17. illinikid96

    There are many debatable topics out there, a couple of them would be if having drugs at school should be enforced more heavily, or should high schools spend more money on their sports programs.

  18. Patrick Ganley

    In the sports world there is a few mordern day issues I can talk about. The NFL is considering banning kick offs in games. Many players have been injured majorily during kick offs. Imagine all 6 foot 3 inches 230 pound men running FULL speed at you trying to hit you. I’m sure you can imagine how terrible that would be. I can debate on who has all been hurt by kick offs and what can be subsituted instead of kick offs. For the college sports players, do you think they should get payed? There has been controversy on if some college organizations and coaches buy their players cars, clothes, etc. I could talk about if they should or should not be payed, and if they should/shouldn’t be, why not? Should supplements be banned for high school or even college?

  19. landrews11

    There are many modern day topics that you can argue. I feel a good one to ague is about abortion. People feel strongly about this topic. And many people are for or against abortion. Another good one to persuade and argue is the topic about legalizing marijuana. Someone people would argue that there will be people that will drive while being high and the death rate will go up. And others would argue that it would give our government more money people would buy it just like they buy alcohol and tobacco. Another good topic that would be easy to argue is the gun law, if we would have the right to own guns or not. And if there should be required background checks to own a gun. These are all good topics that people could talk about that have two sides to the topic.

  20. emilyronto

    There are several persuasive topics you may choose from to argue! The topic I chose to argue is “Why to not lower the drinking age to 18.” There are many provable facts for this topic. With the United States drinking age being 21 and many other countries drinking age being 18 or younger, there are many opinions when it comes to this topic.
    Three topics I believe would be interesting to hear about would be School Uniforms, Legalizing Marijuana, and Drug Testing for Welfare. You could address these topics many different ways because there are many viewpoints! If you address the topic of legalizing marijuana, you must be careful with your points. Make sure you are not adding in opinions, state facts! Arguing for or against school uniforms would both be interesting. There is no wrong way you could go with this. Personally, I would love to hear the topic about drug testing for welfare. I have never read a paper or listened to a speech about it, but it is commonly brought up in conversation. All of these topics would capture my attention!

  21. knixon2132

    There are many controversial issues in the world today. And everyone thinks differently about each issue. One topic that stirs up some controversy is capital punishment. Whether it is morally acceptable to put someone to death just for a crime they committed. Another would be animal testing. Should animals have to suffer from being tested on just to see if that product is safe enough for humans to use? A third topic could be if people should have the right to die. What if they have a good reason for making that choice? Or is there a good reason? Good points can be made on either side for any of these issues.

  22. maddiewink13

    One topic to write a lersuassive paper on could be lowering the drinking age. Most people agree that underage drinking is a problem and if the age limit was lowered it could help with that. Another one is should music be free for iPhones. This is a good topic because a lot of people have iPhones and have to buy all of their music. A third reason to write a persuassive paper would be to write it on, banning guns. That is a popular topic and could easily be persuaded from both sides.

  23. jasminerochel2

    One topic for a persuassive essay would be legalizing marijuanna. A lot of people think legalizing marijuanna would make the world a better and happy place. People think everyone would be a lot nicer to eachother. Another good topic would be banning guns. There are people who keep guns for their own safety, and their are people who have killed or hurt others to hurt them and not to protect themselves. So the people that use guns for their protection would most likely see it as a punishment for them because they are i nnocent. A third topic would be gay marriage. People who are christians will obviously not believe in gay marriage, but their are other people in this world that are strongly for gay marriage for whatever reason it is that they have.

  24. haga14

    A few topics that would be good for a persuasive essay would be teenage pregnancy, legalizing marijuana, and concealed carry of handguns. Teenage pregnancy would be a good one because there are many teens that are becoming pregnant every single day and there are also many people who would disagree with the age. Legalizing Marijuana would be argued very much on both sides because people argue that it would be for the better and other people think that they would just abuse their rights. Concealed Carry is a big deal as well. Many think that people who carry guns would cause a threat to our environment and other people just think that it would save our lives when in danger.

  25. kenzieakins

    There are many essay topics that could be arguable, but the three that stand out to me are: should children who commit crimes be tried as adults, legalizing marijuana, and teen pregnancy.

  26. davinhuber144

    There are many essay topics that could be arguable, I have a three are books better than there movies, are DC comics better than Marvel comics, and which cell phone providers are better Verizon or AT&T.

  27. bellbrooke96

    There are many essay topics that could be arguable, but the three that stand out to me are; women having male or female OBGYNs, should teens have parental permission to get birth control, and should school allow cell phones in class.


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