ALS 1 November 5, 2013

Choose a character from a favorite movie and discuss that character’s role in the movie itself as well as how that character is important to understanding the story’s main idea (theme).


3 thoughts on “ALS 1 November 5, 2013

  1. Catie Spicer

    Spongebob is a big part in the movie “Spongebob Squarepants The Movie”. Spongebob is important because Spongebob and Patrick, Spongebob’s best friend, go to Shell City to find King Neptune’s crown. On their adventure Spongebob always keeps hearing that he is “just a kid” and he can’t do it. So, Spongebob proves them wrong. He proves everyone wrong by coming back with the crown alive, but the time they got back Plankton, a evil character, takes over everyone’s minds by helmets. So, Spongebob starts to sing the song “I’m a Goofey Goober” and no one called him a little kid anymore.

  2. technine16

    In the movie Hurtlocker, sergeant first class william james is faced with the difficulty of disarming bombs all through out the movie. through out the movie he is criticized on how he chooses to do his work. the new squad he is assigned to does not like how he works and think that he is a vital threat to the entire squad. throught the story he proves that even with his maverick ways he can still get the job done and faster then following protocall.


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