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AP English – “The Drunkard”

Choose a favorite quote from Frank O’Connor’s famous short story, “The Drunkard” and explain why it affects you as such. This quote should somehow exemplify the irony on which the story is heavily written. Be sure to elaborate and explain yourself so that others reading your response will have a strong appreciation of the use of irony in the selection. Don’t forget to establish who says the quote and provide the page number.


AP English Performs “The Kuegelmass Episode”

Reflect on your experience presenting a dramatic performance of Woody Allen’s “The Kuegelmass Episode.” What do you think went well? What would you personally do differently? How does performing the short story change the way you perceive it? Who would you vote as the winner of “Most Dramatic Performer?” Share your reflections in a good, well-written paragraph with your peers!

Provide several suggestions (3-4) of modern-day, debatable, fresh topics that would be suitable for written persuasive essays as well as persuasive speeches. Take into consideration your classmates (audience) and the world around you (modern-day issues/fresh perspectives). Please also consider the need for evidence/support/resources that the writer/speaker would need to bolster the argument. Consider what types of first degree evidence and what types of second degree evidence could be used for support. Please do more than just “list” 3-4 topics. This blog should be written in “paragraph” form of length of approximately 75 words.