English 4, 4th Hour-Biggest Fear/Biggest Dream

What is your biggest fear? What is your biggest dream? In a well-written, thoughtful response, explain your fear and your dream? What are the origins of each? How can you overcome/accomplish each? Remember: Your goal is to SHOW, not justs tell…just telling is boring! Length: 50 words or so


20 thoughts on “English 4, 4th Hour-Biggest Fear/Biggest Dream

  1. victorialeighann

    Life is full of fears. What matters is how you handle them. I am terrified of losing someone very close to me, such as a parent. I would be lost without my mom. I tell her everything, and spend a lot of time with her. She is the reason why I am who I am. She has taught be so much. I deal with this fear by telling myself to cherish very moment with her as if it was the last. My dream is get a job/career that I will enjoy everyday. I want to go to work happy unlike most people. Acheiving this dream is easier said than done. Finding a job is the many prority. That is the reason I chose healthcare. It seems very promising in the future to come.

  2. heyitsrachelk

    Failure. The concept alone of failing is something that I wish to avoid. I never want to watch my dreams and hard work end up down the drain. I am not quite sure how I handle that. I know what I want out of life, not having any obstacles along the way is idealistic, but unrealistic. Therefore, my biggest dream is to learn that failing is okay. It would not necessary be the end of the world, even though it feels as it is at the time. In the end, I believe, we end up where we are meant to be. It is all in the master plan.
    Rachel Krilcich

    1. emilyronto

      As much as I do not want to admit, I am full of fears, some little and some big. My all time biggest fear is losing someone close to me. I have to have reassurance in my life, to know to keep pushing myself. The people that give me the most confidence are my parents. I was taught to always push myself. I was never allowed to quit anything in my life, whether it was sports, education, or friendships. I do not think I would ever be able to feel comfort in knowing that I would never physically lose my parents, but I do know they would never give up on their children. Some of the little fears I have that might seem hilarious to others are hairspray and acne. I seem to always find myself having acne on my face from hairspray, so I try to avoid hairspray as much as possible. This came apparent to me my freshman Homecoming dance. I attended three schools dances and after every single dance I found myself breaking out from that stupid hairspray. Lets just say I am not looking forward to getting my hair done this weekend. Therefore, my biggest dream is living in Italy and owning my own Italian family restaurant. Ever since I was a little child, I have always had a love for pasta and garlic bread. My two favorite restaurants have always been Olive Garden and Biaggi’s. Whenever we do go on vacation, I always beg my parents to go to a new Italian restaurant. Seeing the sight of Italy on movies and in pictures, I am obsessed with the old brick houses side by side, the beautiful fountains, the little restaurants, and balconies looking out on city. One day, I will save up all of my money and plan a trip by myself to go visit Italy. Even if I do not pack up all my belongings and move there in the future, I WILL go.

  3. quentinallsopp

    I have many fears in life, but than again. Who doesn’t? It’s not like i have any small fears, just the big ones! I am extremely afraid of dying, or the pain of dying. My biggest goal in life is to be successful, and to live with ease.

  4. maddiewink13

    My biggest fear is losing someone close to me. My great grandfather recently passed away and it was hard not to have him around. It made me realize I did not want to lose anyone else. Losing someone close to me is a scary thing to think about because they will not be around anymore. My biggest dream is to have a big house with a husband and a lot of children. Being around children and infants has made me realize I want to have a large family. Kids always make your day better when they are around. Also, having a good job and a big house is another dream of mine. A good education will help my dream come true!

  5. bellbrooke96

    With everything there is in the world to be scared of, I’m mostly afraid of failure. Even though I always give 110% at everything I do, sometimes I feel that it is not good enough. I would hate to see everything that I have worked so hard get thrown away in an instant. I could not imagine what it would be like to fail. My biggest dream is to be a nurse. When I was younger, I used to help my grandma take care of my great grandma. I really enjoyed taking her blood pressure, temperature, etc. In order to achieve this dream, I know that I will have to work hard to accomplish it. Therefore, I dream to go to Illinois Wesleyan to get my education in the nursing field.

  6. alaniswallace

    Fears can be really overwhelming, but dreams can be very successful. I have a fear that most would think is odd. I am terrified of clowns. When I was younger I went to a circus. A clown came up to me, got in my face and scared me away. I cried and ran as fast as I could away from it. Ever since then I have been afraid of clowns. I have tried to overcome this fear many times. My dad was trying to help by making me get a picture with Ronald McDonald and I was freaking out the whole time. If I try talking to them or have them make me an animal balloon I might get over it sooner. I also have a dream that I would like to fulfill. I want to become an electrician when I get older. After high school I am going to go to college and get my major in electronics. I want to become an electrician because my dad is one. He has inspired me to follow in his footsteps. It is a really fun and challenging job and I cannot wait to become one. To accomplish my dream I need to work and study hard. I need to make sure I understand everything that has to do with electricity and electronics. I also need to make sure I keep my grades up so I can graduate. People have many fears and dreams, try hard and you can succeed.

  7. connelly15

    I feel my biggest fear is failure. Failure is just a bad word to me in general. Even when I try my hardest and still fail its just means I don’t try hard enough. So that means I need to work harder and never give up. Such as, keep trying even if you see people in front of you give it your 110%. My biggest dream is to go to the Olympics. Going to the Olympics or actually being in the Olympics would be so cool. It would mean your one of the best in the world. Also your supporting your country and trying to get your country to the top. Practicing hard and keeping that goal to be in the Olympics can push me to make that dream come true.

  8. cdizzzle

    My biggest fear is being a failure when i grow up. I have so many ideas of what I want to do later on in life. I will not be a failure by not giving up on my greatest dreams, or anything i set my mind to. One of my dreams later on in life is to become a state police man. To be a state police man I will need four years of college in any field, believe it or not. Being a police man would be great for me, because I enjoy helping people in there time of need, and protecting the public. The feeling of rescuing someone trapped in an upside down vehicle, with there life on the line would be the greatest feeling knowing I saved there life. A good education will get me there so i can complete my dreams and goals.

  9. tpasley96

    Fear is an essential part of life, personally i feel fear helps more then harms you. Fears push you, they give you something to work for. Most people like myself are scared of failure, that is the only thing that honestly scares me. No one wants to be the person from their graduating class that is still living at home, working a dead end job, or just not being as successful as the other people you graduated with. Now on the flip side of that, i along with most people have the dream of being successful. My goal in life is to

    1. tpasley96

      (Sorry) graduate college, travel the world and actually do something interesting, not living in a po-dunk town working a factory job, but living in some other country and doing an interesting job, and actually enjoying working for a living.

  10. aswizzle12

    My biggest fear in life would have to be not fulfilling my dreams in the future. I choose this as my biggest fear in life because happiness is everything. When I have talked with other adults about the future and jobs, they teach me this lesson. Secondly, one of my many dreams is to be happy with my life when i am an adult working and providing for myself and hopefully a family. It’s easy for one to say that they just want to be happy when they grow up and most would say that they just wish for it. But i will pursue this dream through hard work and perserverance. I have an end goal for my job title and maybe it might change, but until then, I will keep that dream in my head until i fulfill it.

  11. quentinallsopp

    Everyone has fears in life, some more than others. My biggest fear is to let people down, to work up their expectations and completely fail them. I won’t let that happen though, ever! Most importantly is everyone’s goals. My biggest goal I will try to accomplish is to make money with ease, to make the big bucks with out having to go through all of the stress struggling not to lose hours at some part time job. I want to own a business, have my own desk that I can showcase my family pictures on, because after all family is really all that matters.

  12. brittanyribbe

    My biggest fear would be not accomplishing all I see for myself in the future. I have so many dreams and goals in life. I know realistically that I may not achieve the goals I have in mind today, but in life they change and no matter what I end up doing in life I hope to be successful. My biggest dreams today are to be an obstetrics and gynecology and have a large stable family. I would like to be with the same man for my entire life and be able to provide my children with whatever they desire. I believe becoming a nurse is a great future career because no matter the circumstance people always need health care.

  13. loganknight96

    We all have fears, whether we care to admit them or not. My biggest fear is that I won’t be good enough. I’m terrified of being a disappointment to my friends, family, and other loved ones. I try my hardest to be the best I can be, and I know that as long as I stay true to myself then ill always be good enough to those who matter. I have many dreams, some rather far fetched. My most realistic dream is to have a family that my husband and I can support 100%. I want to have a relationship with my children that I never had with my own mother. A close, stable family is important to me. My most far fetched dream would be to travel the world. I think that all places in the world are beautiful and I’d love to experience what its like to enjoy them up close and personal.

  14. aarontperdue

    The most fearful thing to me is the thought that one day if I would give up on everything. The fear that I would give up on my dreams, my goals and that I would just lose motivation to do anything. I know what it feels like to have somebody give up on me, but giving up on myself is a pain I can’t even begin to imagine and it terrifies me. My dream is to inspire others, I want to inspire other people because I don’t want people to know the feeling of somebody giving up on them or the pain of them giving up on themselves, I want to be the person that people can talk to when their down or the person that can help motivate them to achieve their dreams.

  15. sarahsteinbaugh

    Fears tend to hold back a lot of people. I will admit, I let my fears hold me back sometimes. My biggest fear would be being alone. I know this seems ordinary and like a normal fear, but the thought of facing problems without anyone to stand with you through it scares me. The thought of losing someone that I am close to, scares me also. My dream is to have a family and to be able to provide a good life for them and to be able to have a close-knit family so nobody feels like they are alone in the world. This is why I look up to my parents and why I have this dream. I know that I will always have their support and they will always be there for me. It makes me want to strive to be like them when I have a family of my own.

  16. lomen2014

    I have had many fears and dreams throughout my life. I would have to say my biggest fear would be losing my loved ones. I love my family and friends so much. I couldn’t imagine my life without them. They are my backbone. My biggest dream would be to make them proud of me. I do anything and everything in my power to make them smile. My family has always been very family-oriented. So, I guess that would be where my dreams and fears came from.

  17. claygutt

    I have many fears and dreams, but then again doesn’t everyone. If you do not have any fears then well either you are a big burly guy that is very strong or you are a robot. I think that my biggest fear would have to be losing my loved ones. They mean a lot to me and without them I would not be who I am today. With the fears we also have dreams. My biggest dream would have to be becoming a pro baseball player. Baseball is the best and I love playing it. There are not many things that are as great as playing baseball.

  18. marashields14

    Due to the past issues with my mother, my biggest fear is not being good enough. I don’t want to be the one to disappoint my friends, family, teachers or any of the other people I respect. My biggest dream is to one day, have a husband and kids. I want to be the best mother I can be, the mother that mine never was. I want my family to live comfortably. Another part of my dream would be to own a bakery.


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