English 4, 1st Hour-Biggest Fear/Biggest Dream

What is your biggest fear?  What is your biggest dream? In a well-written, thoughtful response, explain your fear and your dream? What are the origins of each? How can you overcome/accomplish each? Remember: Your goal is to SHOW, not justs tell…just telling is boring! Length: 50 words or so


12 thoughts on “English 4, 1st Hour-Biggest Fear/Biggest Dream

  1. shelbbbii

    My biggest fear in life is to be a failure or be poor. I want to be able to support a family and not only the basic needs. I want my kids to be able to have what they want. My goals in life are to be a Nurse and help others. I want to be able to change someones life for the better. Also, have a great education and the ability to make a lot of money, I want to be able to become a nurse and have a family I can support. I want someone one day to look at me and say “because of you I didn’t give up”.

    1. sheetskelsey2013

      My biggest fear is rejection. I want to be accepted and well liked by others. I want other people to accept me for who I am. Due to past issues, I have never actually felt like I “fit in” anywhere. For me, making friends was very difficult as a child, and I feel like that still follows me. As for my biggest dream, I want to become an RN. Helping others reach their full potential and encouraging others has always made me feel good. Over the summer, my mom had a major back surgery done. During her recovery, I took care of her and helped her with simple tasks such as putting on shoes and getting out of bed. Getting to see her progress, and knowing that I helped her, gave me a sense of satisfaction. I hope to leave lastings impacts on many peoples lives as a nurse

  2. wilde720

    My biggest fear in life is that I wont succeed in life. I never want to fail at anything in my life time. My biggest dream is to play a sport for a living. I want to do something I love for the rest of my life and get paid for it. That would be my life time goal is to just do something I love forever. It would also inspire other kids from small towns to want to leave and never look back and start a better life for your kids in a better town.

  3. jasminerochel2

    My biggest fear in life is not having enough money to pay for things financially. I never want to have to struggle with paying bills or getting the things I need. My dream in life is to be a Nurse Practitioner. I want to help others and know more than Registered Nurses and get more money for it. I can overcome my fear by getting a good job that pays good and I can accomplish my dream by going to college until i get my license in that occupation. Therefore, I need to accomplish my dream to overcome my fear!

  4. patrickganley1

    My biggest fear is not becoming all that I want and picture myself being. I’m afraid of being a failure in my eyes. I have so many goals and wants in my life it seems hard to realistically achieve them, but that is what keeps pushing me and allowing me to exceed. My dream is just to have people know my name. I would love to open a clothing line and design clothing and accessories.

  5. landrews11

    My biggest fear in life is losing someone close to me. Whether its a family member, a friend, or my boyfriend. I cannot imagine not being able to share a life with these people. It would change my life forever. Another fear that I have noticed seeking in me a lot lately is my fear of the world around me. All these robberies, kidnappers, shootings, are scary. I always wonder what this world is coming to. I have no clue what I would do if I happened to witness or be involved in anything like that. One of my goals in life is to be everything that my parents are. My parents have showed me the true meaning of love and how to support a family no matter what. My goal is to go to college and get a good job to support a family comfortably.

  6. illinikid96

    My biggest fear in life is failing. No matter what I am doing I always try my hardest to succeed. It is the way I was raised and it is the way I will always be. You have to have goals in life, so that you have something to strive for. Without goals you are living your life pointlessly day to day, and not having a plan for your future. My biggest dream is to be successful at everything that I do. I want to be able to provide for my family and give them the best. My dad has always taught to give your family the best, and that is a sign of a true man.

  7. pokemontrainerjenna

    A fear is something that terrifies you. The only thing that truly terrifies me is being lonely. I enjoy doing things alone like taking a walk, reading and watching movies. Though I enjoy thinking to myself and not having to worry about pleasing anyone but myself in that moment, I do not fancy being lonely. A certain part of your life is where you realize all that you want and everything you will put your effort into. I want to be successful, of course, but to me, I could be the poorest person and I would still be happy if I were with someone I truly love. MY goal is not only to love and be loved, but to be happy.

  8. joshuacarnine

    My greatest fear is to grow up and be a failure. Walking around and people looking at me and thinking I’m just a looser. That’s one reason I’m joining the Guard, they’ll teach me to be strong mentally and physically so I don’t grow up a failure. My dream is to grow up to be an electrician, something not a lot of people grow up to be or even attempt to peruse.

  9. hannahstory2013

    My biggest fear is losing someone I love. My family means everything to me and I can’t imagine life without them. If something were to ever happen to my mom or dad, my life would come crashing down. Even though I’m seventeen, I still rely on my parents for almost everything. I know that there isn’t anything they wouldn’t do for me and it scares me whenever I think about life without them. My dreams include everything from getting married and having kids, to living in Hawaii and owning a beach house.

  10. katarinajohnson

    My biggest fear is not being able to follow my dreams. I’ve seen a lot of people in my family lose the opportunity to full fill their dreams and I never want that to happen to me. They end up in a job they hate and in life that they’re miserable in. My biggest dream is most definitely, to be able to wake up every morning and be excited to go to work and be completely happy with my life in general. So many people pick the cop out instead of the hard work and they end up completely miserable, I don’t think I could wake up and handle that every day of my life.

  11. lucinixon

    I guess I would say my biggest fear in life is never being able to completely satisfied with myself. Even though I have come so far with my transformation, I still feel like I will never live up to impossible expectations. I think this has stemmed from my parents being really hard on me and teaching me to be really hard on myself. I don’t take rejection or failure well and my biggest fear is never being able to accept myself the way I am. I do not want to go through life thinking that I could be better than what I am. My biggest dream, however, is to watch my little brother finish high school and go onto college. He is a freshman now, and nobody really expects him to go to college. I guess everyone is pushing into the army. My biggets dream is to let him know that it is very possible for him to achieve his goal and go to college and not give up on himself, no matter what anybody says. I’m trying to achieve this goal by being the best role model I can be. College, has never been in my sights, but now, going into my senior year, I have been accepted and plan to attend university in the fall. This is a dream I would have never expected in myself and I hope that I can help my little brother, Jack, achieve this goal also.


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